Argh!! TPF Survival Tips

  1. Have you seen the announcement above

    Extend maintainence.....that means down time.

    Vlad we love you and all you do for us and know it's for the best BUT........

    ARGH TPFless time what is a girl to do

    Spill what are your survival tips

    (or how much retail therapy will you be doing LOL)
  2. Oh no! I didn't see that until you mentioned it. I just hope it's done while I'm at school....otherwise, I don;t know what I'll do!
  3. whhhaaaaat?????

    aw man.

    i shall just hibernate. i could use the sleep...
  4. Noooooooo not down time at weekends :crybaby::crybaby:
  5. (double post)
  6. ......not on weekends :sad:

    I guess, I'll be catching up on my sleep.
  7. I have a stack of books, I'll get started on those.
  8. Curl into the fetal position under my desk and suck my thumb til the evil goes away?
  9. ummm, Vlad, could you be a doll and do that maintenance at 2pm central standard time?
    I'll be at the TX Longhorn football game w/ DH and would really appreciate it :winkiss:

    KIDDING! It's all good, let's move to some servers that can support our obsessive selves!:woohoo:
  10. ^LOL!!! As long as it happens during the night Central European Time CET!! Hehe.
    Otherwise I'll finally get some reading done!!
  11. Well... we are going to try to make it at quick and painless as possible. But it is for the best. It will mean no more sluggish time on tPF, no more errors, no more not letting you log on. We will have an additional 2 servers and a great set up- you all will love love love it!!!!!
  12. I bought a new book this week that I plan to start while we are shut down. The SAD thing is I actually planned for the shut down!! (like its a storm or something!!) I also may put my morning workout off until its shut down and then hit the gym!!!
  13. Thank you Megs and Vlad!! :flowers:
  14. LOL..this is good for me..I may actually get some laundry done this week..hehe...!!!!!!!!!
  15. LOL!