argh! this is killing me...courtier or satchel..

  1. so like everyone else (i hope) i love the legacy collection.

    i also love big bags. and the color white. so i'm gravitating towards two bags in particular:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i know that white cannot be cleaned easily (rubbing it with the oils in your hands won't always work for the big stains) but i really don't see whiskey working on me like white does...white just brings a huge grin to my face you know? :biggrin:

    but i cannot decide which style. i really am thinking of the courtier but i hate the fact that it has no feet on the bottom.

    the satchel looks great, with feet too, but i don't have one in my store and i'm not sure if i can get it over my arm easily (i mostly wear my bags over my arm) and i can fit the medium satchel over my arm easily if that helps.

    which one would you get?

    and would you get the white color? or am i just the only one in love with that color?
  2. 2nd!!
  3. I love the white also, but would you carry it in the winter? I like the satchel
  4. i would! :king: white goes with everything.

    does anyone know approximately how the satchel hits if you wear it over your arm?

    my store never got them even though we were suppose to

    :noggin:<- me hitting the distribution people.

    also the stripe muffler is missing too.

    if anyone has tried it on can tell me that would be great!
  5. I, too, like the satchel. However, as the owner of a purse collection consisting entirely of black bags, I feel as though my opinion relating to color preference would be meaningless. I will say, though, that black is much more forgiving than white -- I'd trash a white bag in five minutes flat. :shame:
  6. I just bought the Mandy in Whiskey. I got the matching wallet & makeup bag. I had gone into Coach last week (gee I wish it were in the book when I got that 25% off coupon - or did I miss it?). I almost bought the Legacy but I wanted a bigger bag. From what I could tell, the Mandy strap drop is longer than the Legacy Shoulder Bag. I haven't opened the box yet (had to order it).
  7. I just recieved my satchel in black from coach today! I will take pics later to help you out but for me, the satchel is too big to fit comfortably under my arm. I love mine!
  8. I love them both, but if you need it to go on your shoulder comfortably, I would go w/ #1.
  9. I love #2--I think the white is beautiful. I wonder which one is heavier though--the courier or the satchel?
  10. I like #1, a beautiful bag. I am a shoulder carrier, satchel handles are usually too short for me.
  11. I like #2 better. :yes:
  12. sachel
  13. Both are beautiful, but I would go with the courier. I like shoulder bags myself. And I'd probably get whiskey. The white is gorgeous, but me and white bags do not mix.:shame:
  14. :sweatdrop: i'm not good with white bags either (in general i just drop my stuff wherever)

    but i tried with the polka dot white one and i use my brown bag to cover it whenever i set it on the floor or when i bring my bag to work (so other bags won't dirty or touch it)

    i don't think i'm that worried about it getting dirty :s we'll see i guess

    mokoni if you can take a picture for me of you carrying yours on your shoulder that would be terrific!
  15. satchel. i think with ANY white bag, having feet should be mandatory!