Argh! Static in hair!

  1. Hey gals,

    After my new haircut, I've been noticing that my hair has more static in it and it's driving me nuts! How do y'all prevent it or what do you use to keep it at bay? Help! :confused1:
  2. I rub a dryer sheet on my head :shame:

    Sadly I'm not kidding. It really works. The key is finding ones that don't stink, because they do make your hair smell like a laundromat :lol:
  3. ooh good idea. which do you use? :biggrin:
  4. Same here. Lol. I thought i was weird for doing it. You can use any brand.
  5. lol... I always wondered if this really worked. Never tried it, but I guess I'm going to have to now that I know it really does work. I have quite a bit of static going on with my hair, and have never found a way to get rid of it. Thanks for posting this reply!
  6. Try using a deep conditioner once every two-three weeks, the moisture in your hair, the less static. Also if you use a nylon brush, switch to a plastic wide tooth comb.
  7. priiin, thank you for the tip :smile:
  8. i use my ghd anti-static paddle brush - also did they use thinning shears on your hair? that may be a cause of static as well.
  9. yes i think i was a victim of those shears :sad:
  10. I've been having static issues ever since I started to use my GHD...I will have to try to deep condition more often I guess?!
  11. I use a leave-in hair softener/silkener like Schwarzkopf's "got 2 be" Styltini series in Tipsy.

    Otherwise get yourself a gadget (less than $10) from Strapya that removes static from anything you touch, just search for "static" on their site.
  12. goody has an anti-static brush too, I got mine at cvs. I also use the target brand unscented dryer sheets!
  13. ooh thanks for the great tips gals :smile: what is that strapya site? i tried googling and didn't have luck...
  14. no problem :smile:
  15. I used to have that problem too when my hair was short. I would spray Static Guard on my hair brush before using it.