Argh!! Something weird happening to my Miroir!!!!

  1. I was moving my gold speedy when I noticed this weird thing happening to it, It's been kept in my living room the whole time on a chair so it hasn't been squashed and temperature is fairly consistant.

    I use my silver way more than the gold and have never overloaded it I don't really carry all that much

    I know the lines are stress marks ( I took the pic for those that don't know about stress lines on miroirs) I accept them they happen really easily it's the bubbling I'm upset about :crybaby:

    I'm so sad why is this happening? Anyone else having the same thing please check your miroirs.

    I've left the pics big so you can see clearly just click to enlarge
  2. Oh Gosh, sorry about this Claire, this shouldnt be happening, Louis Vuitton's quality should be more superior than this. Are you going to call the store ?
  3. I don't know what they'll do about it it's a year old I don't think it can be repaired and there are no replacements.
    Last time with my corsaire I put it in to be repaired got the call to say it's ready and when I went to pick up I was actually told it was defective hadn't been repaired and was to be destroyed so I really don't want to hand it over never to see again
  4. Ouch, that's not good. That shouldn't be!! I think it's the PVC coming part/detaching (but I'm no expert). I think you must take it back to the nearest LV. They usually will rectify the problem (somehow)----but you are right, they may just take it away from you and give u a credit. Buy since you have the silver, maybe it wouldn't be so bad? IMHO, I'd rather take the handbag back, than own a defective/broken one.
  5. How awful! Are you going to bring it in to at least discuss what, if anything, can be done? Maybe a partial refund can be arranged?
  6. I would bet that that was caused by sun damage. Is there any chance that there is a large window in your living room and that rays from the sun could have come in contact with parts of the bag? I've seen damage like that before and it was caused by the sun. The shine from the bag will actually attract the rays of the sun moreso that anything around it. Think of it like one of those shiny foil-like thermal blankets they use for hypothermia.
  7. I say go to a LV boutique and ask for help...that sucks

  8. no the chair is beside a side cupboard this blocks the window and there is a little wall on the other side that blocks the other window plus the the problem is on the bottom of the bag so it can't be from the sun
  9. Wow, that's really weird! Mine are ok, thankfully. You have bad luck with bags, I think, I remember the Corsaire. :sad:
  10. :crybaby:I know!
    I'm careful with them too I've honestly used it about half the amount of the silver and that one is fine
  11. C,
    Are they actual tears in the PVC, or cracks??
    I'm hoping my lockit doesnt do this!!!!
    Do you have a pet that may have crushed the bag, forming these cracks?

  12. they are kinda hard to explain I don't really know what they are when you run your finger over them there isn't really any difference no raised edegs etc I guess it's where the pvc stretches the tend to run off the flowes on the base, like i say these do tend to happen I've seen some really bad one's when people put really heavy thing in the bags

    But the other things look like it's bubbling like the PVC is coated and the layers are coming apart

    I don't have any pets or kids so nothing could have squashed it.

    It should happen with the lockit because of the structured base but I'm going to check that one now
  13. I checked my others
    lockit is fine
    both pochettes fine
    Silver speedy 2 or 3 stress lines on stress line is showing slight signs of bubbling
  14. That sucks! I would go to Lv and see what they could do and let them know you dont want it destroyed!
  15. I think I'll have to get BF to try and call tomorrow I'm at work all day, I can't just pop in as the store is 2 hours drive each way.
    I can see what's going to happen he'll try calling the store they won't answer the phone, try calling the helpline they know nothing, ask them to connect to the store they won't do it because it's saturday and the store will be busy end of the day I'll have no answers and be completed frustrated