Argh so sad about my SAKS Prada order!! Help!

  1. Argh, I was so excited I got a prada bag and I received the shipment today. I immediately opened the box but was so dissapointed. I got a bag with the color not shown on the website. I immediately chat with Saks and they said that it is sold out everywhere and they cannot replace it with the right color. What should I do? I don't want to return it. Anyone had similar situation? What did you guys do? Help! Thanks.
  2. What bag is a link?maybe one of us knows where u can find the bag u want?
  3. So, they ran out and didn't bother to check with you and just sent u an all black one? that's just wrong... i would complain!
  4. Are you sure that came in two tone or the picture just looked two toned to you? There's a slate colored bag like that on BF (or has been the past week) -- but I don't remember seeing the bag with the plate in a degrade or two tone in any Prada store.
  5. m8875...

    I saw this bag at Barneys on 12/23 - it was around $900 bucks. I was there this past weekend and did not see it - but perhaps since they've had it in the past you can call and ask them if they get a return to sell it to you. Barneys Beverly Hills. Good luck. :yes:
  6. I saw it at my local Saks the week before Christmas for full price in the powder/gray combo. It was a little lighter with more drastic degrade than the bag in the photo you posted tho I think. I don't remember if it was gone when I went back last Friday.