Argh!! Saks SA let down.. Liar!

  1. I am really heated!!:cursing::cursing::cursing:

    Ryan, from Saks NY shoe salon sent 2 pairs of Rolandos. (Posted a thread about this last week)

    First off, I was looking for the camel rolando and he said he had the beige, which was exactly the SAME color....NOT!!!!:cursing::cursing:

    The beige is WHITE!, Not stark white, but definatly in the white catagorie. He lied to me, completely. He even told me that he was holding the Camel decolette in his hand and comparing them and he said they were "exactly the same"

    And the black rolandos he sent me were used!:cursing:

    They were stretched out in the width. I have narrow feet, and I can just tell by looking at them that someone tried to squeeze their foot into them. Even the bottoms look worn. That plastic clear sticker that is normally on the bottom is worn down. And there are stretch marks in the arch area! I'm soo pissed!

    To top if off..... NO DUST BAGS!!

    (Not like I was going to keep them anyway, but still)

    If you come accross him in your shoe buying needs...AVOID! Especially if your buying shoes over the phone. I feel like I was taken advantage of, because I wasen't their in person.

    Bad service ethics..... :tdown:

    Thanks for letting me rant.

    PS, I'm keeping the Camel Decolettes, they seem much more appealing after this ordeal.:tup:
  2. I agree that the SAs often take advantage of people ordering over the phone. I ordered the camel patent decolletes over the phone from the BH Saks and they were missing both the plastic stickers on the bottom of the shoes as well as those wooden sticks and the tissue paper for the toe box. I'd be pissed though if they were missing the dust bag. However, since I've fallen in love with the shoes themselves, I'm keeping them.

    Do you have the camel patent decolletes? Or, is there a camel leather decollete?
  3. I don't think that Saks carries the camel Rolando, I have only seen the beige rolando at Saks, which sounds like that is what you received. I have only seen the camel rolando at Barneys but honestly I think the camel rolando looks awful. Have you seen the camel rolando IRL? The color is the same as the decollete but for some reason it looks awful on the rolando style.

    I guess this is the same thing that happened with the electric blue suede - it looks stunning on the rolando, but that same exact color in the pigalle looks awful. Anyway, if you really do want the camel rolando, then call Barneys. I can give you my SAs name if you need a recommendation, he is very accomodating and although I have never placed a phone order with him since I always shop in store, I am sure that he won't steer you wrong.

    I wouldn't be bothered if the tissue paper and sticks weren't in the box because that is the way the shoes come shipped from the factories, once someone tries them on, the SAs usually trash all the unnecessary packaging. But the dust bags are a diffferent story, you should absolutely get dust bags. I am sure there are people who take the dust bags just to sell them on eBay, there are plenty on eBay now.
  4. I am also happy to give you an SA recommendation at Saks NYC, she is an amazing lady who goes above and beyond. I have been working with her for almost 10 years and I have never had a problem. PM me if you want the details.
  5. Sorry this happened to you, but I agree w/ Kamilla on the camel rolandos...not so cute. lol So, don't feel so bad. Sorry for the bad service. I have gotten lucky and have great service now at Saks NYC, but that is after spending some serious $$$ and developing a relationship. The SAs there are hit or miss. Part of the problem is that it is a complete zoo! Regardless, I'm glad you are happy w/ you camel decolletes!

    P.S. I believe the "beige" rolando is just like the beige Mad Mary. IMO, it is really a cream though.

    I don't know why CL is calling them beige, b/c beige to me is like on the decollete shown????
    louboutin cream mad mary.JPG CL Beige Decollete.JPG
  6. Lovespeonies- I have the camel patent.

    Kamilla850- Thanks for the info. I'll trust your word on the rolando not looking so good in camel. Only reason I was interested is because I LOVE the color for the decolette, but they are uncomfortable, so I wanted to try the rolando. But I'm just going to stay with the decolette. Thank you.

    Ashakes- Thanks! I agree, the beige is more like a cream color, for some reason that didn't come to mind until you mentioned it.
  7. Biondina, I have a photo of the camel rolando that I can show you, but I am not going to post it b/c it is not mine and I can't give proper credits to it. If you PM me, I can show you what the camel rolando actually looks like. Thanks!
  8. I feel this way, too, IF you've never worked with her/him in the past.
  9. Sorry about your experience. I got lucky when I phoned in an order there. I was requesting a SA recommended here, but she was unavailable. I fortunately got to work with another lovely SA.
  10. I ordered from Saks online last summer and I didn't get a dust bag... the shoes were clearly brand new but I just called CS and they sent a dust bag. That sucks that an SA would do that. : (
  11. Biondina1003 sorry to hear about your experience. I usually order most of my CLs over the phone. I would really hate if something like that happened to me. So far I have mainly ordred from barneys, bg and CL boutiques. I actually am always hearing stories like this with purchases from NM or Saks. Makes me not want to purchase from them over the phone or online.
  12. I think it's hit or miss. So sorry to hear that it happened to you.