Argh...People need to keep comments to themselves...

  1. Maybe it comes with being a receptionist but I am REALLY sick of random people telling me what they think about me.

    Case in point: We have contractors that come in to work on specific items in the building. One came in today that I haven't seen in a while. So he chats it up for a few minutes and then as he is leaving he says "I liked you better with the long hair." :rant: :censor: :mad:

    Keep in mind I did NOT ask for his opinion nor do I care to hear it. Yes, I did cut off a LOT of hair but that was my choice. If you dont have anything good to say then keep your :censor: mouth shut! This is not the only man that has decided to make comments to me about my appearance. Another coworker (male) went up to me and had the nerve to say "Wow, did you get mad at your husband or something?" Of course I responded "As a matter of fact my husband prefers short hair." My hair isnt even that short - it is still past my shoulders. It used to be really long (down to my lower back) though so it is definitely quite a change.

    Sorry for the rant but it really makes me angry that people have the nerve to treat me this way. Anyways...thanks for listening.
  2. Some people just do not have something I call... manners!!!!

    I understand your frustration... It is nice to blow some steam here!!!!
  3. That's a little rude and presumptuous of them isn't it? Jerks. :rant:
  4. Eeek, how rude! Nobody wants to hear that, it's just plain silly. But there is something weird when it comes to men and hair - like they have the right to judge you when you cut it off.

    Don't pay any attention to those stupid comments, enjoy your hairstyle - I'm sure you look just great!

  5. yep, its like, he must have realised when he said it, that what he was saying could not be contrued as a compliment so why not keep his mouth closed!!

    The one good thing is, who cares about his opinion, he is obviously an incredible idiot with no social skills. Its almost like he has to say something.... anything to just keep the conversation flowing. What a jerk.

    You should have said you were getting complaints about people catching nits from you for your long hair, that would have sent him off itching ;)

    I bet your hair looks great :smile:
  6. OMG how rude! Ew, you know sometimes men think they are being flirty by making comments like that.

    And, um shoulder length hair is short? Whatever.
  7. ADVICE:

    Tell people that like that you'd like them better if they just shut the he** up...
  8. I'm sure you look fabulous and those RUDE people obviously have no taste:mad:. Pay them no mind.
  9. So true. When I was in high school I used to dye my hair a lot of different colors, and cut it into varying styles quite frequently. There were several guys who really thought that a) I was doing this for their appreciation only and b) they had any right to comment. I used to hear that "oh, I like it shorter" or "oh, I liked it longer" and "oh, it would look better like this" or "oh, why don't you ever do normal colors." For :censor:'s sake, guys! We don't just do this stuff for you! :rant:

    Sorry your associates are so self-involved that they think it's some of their business. I wonder if there's any way to correct that behavior.
  10. Thanks! I am definitely feeling much better now that I vented to everyone about it. :heart:
  11. Men are so rude sometimes...and clueless.( NOT you..VLAD!!LOL!)
  12. Umm rude much!? Did anyone else's mother ever tell them that "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" People to to mind their own business.
  13. I hope you replied: "I liked you better with your mouth shut".
  14. That is just so rude! I've found that there are certain types of men who just seem to think that it's their right to assess the appearence of any woman in their sight.

    I'll never forget an evening -- years ago -- when I was out at a fraternity party in college (ok, guess I shouldn't even have been expecting manners, but...) and two guys stopped to say "hi." They said something along the lines of "you're a real cutie." Then they turned to each other and carried on a discussion about how I actually had on too much make-up and my nose was a bit too big -- RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! I was so steamed. Yet they turned back to me and said something like "well, you could fix thatand then you'd be real cute." As if they were offering helpful advice!

    I'm not sure what causes some men to think we actually want their lame opinions...
  15. How about when he says "I liked you better with longer hair" You respond with "Yes, and I liked you better with more hair too":roflmfao:

    Just kidding. How about "Wow, that's hurtful. Are you always this blunt with people?" Let them know it's not okay!