ARGH! NPB being a jerk

  1. Any remember my little rant a while back about bidder not paying and it's been a few days already? Well, she didn't end up paying and I filed a NPB claim. Several days go by with no response and she finally responds with this:

    WHAT A JERK! "Without just cause"? and then "I have no reason to do so, but I will if needed..."?? Contradiction, much?

    UGH. Just pisses me off.

    I really want to leave her a neg anyways, but I can't afford to.
  2. did they respond to the UPI dispute, or was that just sent to you directly? If they didn't respond (by the 7th day to the dispute directly), fire away on negging them, because it will show on their retaliation, that they were a NPB and it wont reflect your percentage.
  3. they responded to the dispute, unfortunately. :sad: i selected no longer want to communicate so that i could get my FVF. i totally want to wait 90 days and leave them neg, but apparently that doesn't always work. sighh.
  4. ^I'm sorry to hear about this. I'm almost frightened to use ebay for selling...
  5. Tell her that you are giving her a neg just because of her failure to moniter her childs internet activity...hah
  6. SO many people use that excuse. I had one just like that a while ago --- perhaps it was the same bidder?
  7. go ahead and leave her a neg, becuase people will see it's clearly retaliation on her part. When she does retaliate, just reply to the feedback that the feedback is retaliation.
  8. I'd suggest getting your fees back and running away from this woman. You're right, waiting 90 days doesn't always work, and some auctions/feedback disappear before that.

    The reason I say that you should run from her is because people CAN get quite vindictive. I won a $90 item that wasn't as described (damage on the front), and when I contacted the seller, she got REALLY nasty saying she'd ban me from future auctions and such. Then when I checked an auction I was bidding on, she'd bid herself just so I'd pay more. That was when I knew to take my losses (as the buyer) and run for the hills.

    OTOH, people who check negative feedback can usually tell what's up, and if they saw your mention that she was a non-paying bidder, it would look badly on her, not you. I go to a site that pulls up just the negative and neutral feedback, and it can tell you a lot.

  9. I totally agree. You have every reason to leave her negative feedback. People will know that the retaliatory feedback she leaves you is unwarranted when they see your response to her feedback/the feedback you leave her.
  10. you CAN afford to leave then a negative: to show they don't honour their bids! if they relatiaate, you can leve a factual reply to the comment they leave.

    Too many ebay members let others get away with this stuff because they are scared of retaliation.

    if you still have that ebay message you can report it to ebay for feedback extortion.

    If I were you, I'd end the dispute and get your fees back and then neg them. They will get a strike for being a non-payer
  11. i definitely agree about negging the NPB.

    you can always wait until the very, very last day (and by day, i mean hour) that you are allowed to leave feedback and leave feedback then. by the time the buyer sees it, it'll be too late =)
  12. this isn;t necessarily true. the feedback time limits aren't fixed to eactly 90 days so the person might get a chance to neg back, but it's worth a try.
  13. What you should say is that you will not be blackmailed by people holding you ransom on feedback. Also you should tell her you are sending the email to ebay to report her, and do so. No one has the right to blackmail you and this is what this is.
  14. Ugh, she totally deserves a neg! :rant: But I wouldn't do it because I wouldn't want your FB % to decrease. That is not fair to you even though she needs to get negged.
  15. It's not a big deal to get a negative feedback if you can respond to it politely and clearly. You can say something like "retaliatory negative feedback - non paying bidder". I look at seller's feedback, but I completely disregard a negative it if it's properly explained by the seller in their response.

    I only wish that eBay made it easier to look at all the negatives at the same time - they really should, because it hurts good/honest sellers that they don't. You can go to, but how many people really know that? THe reason it hurts honest sellers is because then a buyer will look at their FB and see the aggregate number of negatives, but may not easily be able to find the negatives to read the specific situation that occurred.