more UPS with my Hermes!

  1. I purchased a pocket square and had it shipped to me. My SA sent it to me by UPS, and it was scheduled to arrive on a Friday at my work, but it didn't arrive until Monday. OK, no big deal...but when I received the package--it was open!:cursing: I called my SA and told her what happened. She was so gracious, apologized, and thanked me for informing her. She offered to replace it if there was anything wrong with it, and I told her it was fine, but that I was weirded out by the fact that it was opened by someone other than me. She said that UPS was not doing their best work lately because another customer's Kelly was ran over by one of their trucks! I said I definitely don't want UPS for when my vert olive Birkin arrives (literally, any day now:yahoo: ) because I'd :crybaby: if my Birkin was ran over by a truck!

    I never liked UPS because I thought they were expensive, and because when I got my black Kelly, it was shipped on a Friday to my house when no one was home, and I didn't want to wait until Monday, so I picked it up from the UPS station...and waited for almost 3 hours!:cursing:
  2. That is ghastly! Have you considered filing a complaint with UPS?
  3. WTF?:wtf: How awful! Thank goodness your pochette was alright tho but yeah, I would be non too happy either if someone had gone thru my stuff! I mean, c'mon, it's not international customs we're talking about. And someone's Kelly being run over by a truck? If I had to wait a couple years for my bag to come in and then it got destroyed like that, I would've gone postal, pardon the pun.
  4. No, but should I? I thought you should only do that if your package was expensive, like $1K.
  5. Sorry to read about your pocket square.....But, personally can not wait to have you receive the vert olive Birkin... so we can all admire through the pics....:p
  6. Sorry 2 hear what happen. The poor lady's kelly, how can they be so careless?
  7. I would file a complaint and request a refund on the amount you paid to have it shipped. The worst they would say is "no" and every company deserves to know when their customers are dissatisfied with the service they provide. hNe
  8. Thanks. I can't wait, either, and you gals will be the first to know:smile:

    You've got a great collection, BTW. If you're ever in Southern Cali, I'd :heart: to see that white Birkin in person.
  9. Technically, I paid nothing for shipping. It was an exchange, and because my SA and I have a great relationship, she waived the fees.
  10. Gotcha! I would still file a complaint. Again, customer service is key and even if you didn't pay for the shipping, you are now looking at taking your business elsewhere (plus, you have now informed a community of how many purse-adoring women about their shoddy service). It will probably make you feel better too. ;)
  11. What store is using UPS? Hermes has a corporate account with FedEx...
  12. Beware of UPS:

    Last year, I sold a LV bag and used UPS for shipping because Fedex was closed during the weekend. I shipped it and when the bag (Worth $700.00) arrived into its destination...The bag was NOT in the box:wtf: . It was torn and open on the bottom of the box by which someone snatched it off.

    Buyer called me at work notified me that the LV bag was gone and the box was open. I called UPS to report the situation. I refunded the buyers money and I dealt with UPS myself with the claim.

    3 Months later, the claim was approved for the amount less than what I payed for $400.00. Too much paperwork, Too much phone calls and Too much headache. That's why I use only Fedex now!

    UPS.... UTTERLY PAIN in the aSS
  13. so sorry to hear about ur pochette and that other lady's kelly. that is quite awful. yea, UPS sucks. my sister moved out of the country and had 3 huge suitcases full of her nicest clothes shipped to me. well, UPS ended up losing one of them. GONE! never to be found again. their customer service SUCKS too.
  14. I'm sorry to hear about your package being opened! They probably thought it was company-related. Who ever did open it had the decency to have it forwarded back to you. I'm sure it was the mailroom, after all it is an office and all business mail is subject to opening?

    A few weeks ago, FedEx delivered a huge box to my porch - but it was not addressed to me, but 4 houses down. Imagine if it was a Hermes bag?!
  15. :wtf::wtf::wtf: