Argh - NEW SCAM- Someone got into my account

  1. It finally has happened to me, I became victim of a scammer :cursing:

    Luckily no financial harm has been done and I changed all my passwords as soon as I realied what was going on, but my account was used to send out further scam mails :cursing: I'm so mad and still try to figure out how they got my passwort as I'm the most suspicious person ever when it comes to online deals, mails, etc :confused1: :shrugs:

    I suddenly got 2 really rude mails from US sellers on eBay Motors. Since I never contacted them I checked my outbox only to see that someone had sent about 30 mails from my account, trying to lure eBay members on a fake site to give out their passwort.

    Here's the mail:

    My name is Deemer Oneal.

    I just saw this item of yours and I remember seeing the same item two days ago, take a look: (I deleted parts of the URL to make sure noone accidentally enters their details)

    So if you are selling on eBay right now and get a mail like that, don't click the link and enter your details. It's a fake page that has nothing to do with eBay!

    Please be warned and let other users know.

  2. OMG so sorry to hear about this Mara, I hate scammers :cursing:
  3. Really sux ... it makes you feel so vulnerable to know someone got your details
  4. I'm SO scared to answer any eBay questions from potential buyers anymore.
  5. holy schmokes! I'm glad you got it sorted though, I never click links outside of ebay
  6. Even if you go through your account in-box? How can scammers figure out our password?
  7. Thats so scary - sorry it happened but at least no financial damage which is the main thing!!:yes:
  8. I have gotten the same email. Be careful everyone!

    If you receive that email. forward it to
  9. ITA!!! :yes:

    AND make sure to check your outbox once in a while :yes: If I didn't get those 2 mails from sellers I never would have realized that someone has been into my account. Really scary :push:
  10. wow mara!
    thats some pretty shady stuff! sorry for your troubles. and thank god you are savvy enough to know what was going on! did you report it to ebay? and how did they get your password?
    thanks for the heads up!
  11. how are people hacking into other's accounts?

    they would have to know the password right? there is no way anyone could figure out my password, as its random numbers and letters.

    i dont get how this is happening!

    anyways, im sorry it happened to you!
  12. That sucks! It is a "spooky" feeling. I once got a letter from my bank saying my debit card was cancelled because it was in a list of "hijacked" accounts. I never could find out which site that was...
  13. yup, I reported the security breach immediately and sent out emails to all the sellers that were contacted from my account to warn them not to click that link

    I absolutely have no clue how they got my password :shrugs: I rechecked all the mail that I got and there wasn't one suspicious, just friends, newsletters and the usual "last longer, buy viagra" spam ... really weird .... i'm not even using real words as PWs
  14. go fig.

    you know that ink in your sig isnt working, right?
  15. :wtf: what?!?! :cursing: :push: It used to .... I'll go and check that out right away :ninja:

    EDIT: Back to normal :nuts: