Argh My listing was cancelled for saying "like new" in the title

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  1. Geez, is this a violation? This has never happened to me before. I've been selling on eBay for 11 yrs. Is this true? You can't say "like new" in the title? I just searched everywhere and can't find anything that says that. :tdown:
  2. Oh and there are 10276 other auctions right now that also have "like new" in the title
  3. I was listing something a few weeks ago and before I clicked to confirm the listing eBay's page warned me NOT to say "like new" in the listing title as it was against the rules. This was the first time that I had ever heard of this though. You can only use the word "new" if the item is actually brand new. Sounds kind of silly to me . . . but what can you do!?
  4. I guess it's because they always have a slew of SNAD disputes/claims re. condition exaggeration?

    Perhaps they are also worried that buyers will miss the 'like' part and think the item is actually new?

    I think a far bigger problem is all the dishonest sellers who say 'NWT', or 'used once or twice', but then send you a beaten-up old wreck! :cursing:
  5. I agree about the dishonest sellers but although this Marc Jacobs jacket has NEVER been worn, I have no tags on it and have tried it on about a handful of times and each taken it back off to hang lonely in my closet. How can you say that's new when it's not? It's like new .... Right?

  6. Sounds like you're, effectively, being punished for being very honest, Z&J. :sad:

    I'm sure a lot of sellers (even the relatively honest ones!) would describe it as NWOT. :yes:
  7. Maybe that's what I should do when I relist. Maybe too much information is just as bad as not enough????? just ticks me off that there are over 10,000 listings that say that and mine gets cancelled. Boo Hoo
  8. ^ Yes, it is a great shame. :sad:

    Really, you should probably describe it as very lightly used, just tried on a few times in the house and in excellent (or mint) condition (assuming it is); but I'm sure most people wouldn't. :nogood:

    I am so cynical about eBay, now, that if I read that sort of description, I would probably assume that it had actually been worn a few times (at least); as I tend to assume that almost everyone exaggerates, which is not at all fair on the honest sellers, like you.

    I know one member here who doesn't believe that anything that has left the store (even if it is completely unused) is new; but I think she is extremely rare.

    Personally, I would describe a completely unused item as new. :yes:
  9. I once had an auction for some gold jewelry cancelled because I put in the title "not scrap" weird.
  10. That is weird, because I listed a couple items a couple weeks ago as "like new" and didn't have any problem. Although, I have been seeing the NWOT a lot lately so maybe that is the way to go?

    It IS very frustrating when you know that you have authentic items in excellent condition but your things don't sell because there are so many fakes out there these days. I was just mulling this whole thing over in my head today because I have a ton of Coach and KS that I want to get rid of. It is in EXCELLENT condition, but people assume everything is fake anymore.
  11. It is because when people search for "new" in the title "like new" will show so it is keyword spamming. You can use nwot, I have seen people use AS new, but I don't know if that is any different, or LNew & AsNew wich won't come up as keyword spamming. I think NWOT is the way to go it is easier and truthfull.
  12. I had an auctioned cancelled 2 weeks ago for the same thing...its sooo frustrating
  13. It's considered keyword spamming. When people search for "NEW" items they find all these "LIKE NEW" items. eBay just started cracking down on this. In a way it makes sense but also its not very good because some stuff really is in like new condition and to lump it in a catagory with very used items is not really the right thing to do either.
  14. That happened to me once. I was selling some cute sweats but not Vs and I title it "new sweats fit like VS" and they cancelled my auction and I was so mad because I had to many bids already.

    The point is you are NOT ALLOWED to use the word "like" among othersbecause of what threasurehoard just said.