Argh, my Blue Fonce Flap's strap broke - Pic of it

  1. The thread is still attached, but the leather interwoven w/ the chain has come out. I've read a couple threads about the leather actually snapping, but mine is still intact, it's just come out. I'm just wondering if it is normal, since I can tuck it back in, or if I should take it to be fixed. TIA!


    1-19-08 002.jpg 1-19-08 011.jpg
  2. thats horrible :sad: !!!

    i would prefer take it to chanel to fix it
  3. sorry to hear that i have a blue fonce e/w flap but mine wasn't like this as lookin at the pic, urs is like splitting anytime. Maybe u can send back to Chanel to get them fixed it up.
  4. Thank you Chanelle and Celia for your advice, it is very useful! I wanted to ask you girls first because this is my very first Chanel, and I didn't know if I'm being too picky (since the chain is still attached it and I can still "tuck" it back in)
  5. I've carefully checked mine, what i usually do, i will "tuck" it back in unless the thread actually give way, then u need to send back to chanel for service:flowers:
  6. Oh my gosh, it happened to you too, Celia? :sad: I didn't know it such a common thing, although I did hear that the chain is hand-sewn, so maybe it is more delicate.

    Thank you for your advice :yes: :flowers:, I'm gonna go to my local Chanel tomorrow at Beverly Hills, and see what they can do. I heard that they have an in-store repair center there.
  7. Good luck...that stinks! Let us know what happens!
  8. That happened to my new black caviar classic flap. I took it to Modern Leather Works in NYC for repair. It cost me $20 and they fixed it on the spot. If I took it to Chanel it would have taken months. Maybe you can find a good cobbler in your area to repair it. Its pretty easy.
  9. Yes sweetie, i think it seems to be a common thing if the chain is hand-sewn, therefore it tends to be more delicate.

    Keep us posted abt ur bag, i'm sure they can do mend that:flowers:
  10. I have recently seen the same thing on a flap at a Chanel store. I wish Chanel would check their inventory. Hope you get yours fix soon.
  11. Thats exactly what happened my blue fonce east and west too!! I got Chanel to fix mine.
  12. The same thing happened recently to my Pocket in the City bag. I took it Nordstrom to have it repaired. It took about 6 weeks to get it back. They needed to re-stitch it in two parts of the strap.
  13. this happened to me twice.. i exchanged the first bag and the second i returned.. the first one was within a month of purchase so i was able to exchange but the second was right after a price increase and they wanted me to pay the difference if i exchanged so i just returned it. which was dumb of me, i should have stood my ground because now that i think of it, it was the exact same bag!!

    from your second pic, it looks like your thread has torn away.. and i think you should fix it before everything unravels.
  14. this is EXATCLY what happened to my east west flap in lambskin!
  15. yes definitely take it to chanel to have it fixed. and no, you are not being too picky. i know i would have done the same thing. i am too ocd when it comes to my bags. goodluck with your purse.