ARGH! Missed out!

  1. I am absolutely killing myself right now! I was eyeing this pair of Louboutins (and it was PUUURRRFECT cos it's 3 1/2 inch heels and any higher would hurt my feet a lot)

    Before I left for lunch, Saks was still taking pre-orders for 37.5... NOW THE OPTION IS GONE! :crybaby:I am devastated... I've waited so long for a style/heel height like this to come along :sad:

    I can't even order them from stores because I don't think US dept stores ship international... *wails*
  2. Oh, that's too bad! Maybe, since these are pre-orders, they will get more in when the shoes are shipped.
  3. Keep trying. I think they'll get more. If not there, try other boutiques and stores.
  4. i would keep checking in. I have pre-ordered and sometimes don't like the way its fits, so it goes out on the floor. see if they will keep your name and number so they can call if anyone returns a pair in your size.
  5. Thanks so much!
    But after constant refreshing (heh, I am obssessed, I tell you!) Saks finally updated with an option to pre-order the 37.5 so I am in the clear! Just placed my order :yahoo:
  6. Congrats on getting the order through!! Those shoes are on my wish list too! Although unfortunately I can't buy anything until I am done with university. I guess I will just have to keep living vicariously through everyone on this forum. :p