Argh! Large Paddington is haunting me!

  1. I dreamt of it last night and have been having palpitations all day today trying to decide what to do! I missed two large paddys on eBay because I just could not make up my mind. (kicking myself - hard!) :push::wondering

    Now I am just staring at this one in Mocha:

    Although I thought I wanted a light colored or grey one, I find myself wanting this I settling? Should I buy it? Any advice or just commiserating would be appreciated :yes:
  2. I say go for it. I've been wanting that one too but can't because I've bought too many bags this month. At least if you get it from BG you know it's authentic.
  3. Gah! Gonna give myself until tonight to decide (actually heading to the Shopping Center right now to go visit some Chloe in person).

    I am just so upset with myself for missing this one in light grey and beige. Grrr. I can always sell it if the colors I really love come available somehow, right?
  4. The one in the picture is actually the medium... However it's still a very beautiful bag, I say go for it!!! I have the large in gris-vert and I love it! I attached two photos for you. One is my gris-vert and the other is a stock photo of the large front pocket:smile:.
    LargePaddy-GrisVert.jpg paddingtonbag.jpg
  5. I carried this model bag today for a BBQ. I so LOVE this purse. Everyone was touching it and exclaiming how cool the leather is. Mine is Olive/Gold. The Mocha will be soft and gorgeous as well.

    I saw mine on Intermix and ate my guts out over purchasing it, finally I made the move and I'm so thrilled that I did. BTW I paid around 900 dollars. I think BG's price is very fair.

    Good luck.
  6. I went to Nordstrom to look for it today and saw a bunch of other Chloe bags. It makes me want this one so much more! The other one I really thought was fantastic was the bowler. Chloe makes such wonderful bags - the leather is TDF.

    And thanks to everyone who replied - Ali, your bag is gorgeous!

    I am biting the bullet and getting it tonight (after another quick search on eBay for a lighter colored one). :yahoo:
  7. I have the large in taupe and I bought it 50% off from Aloha Rag. Unfortunately they no longer have any. This bag in the medium and large does pop up from time to time on various authentic websites. And various trusted sellers can put bags like these on sale on ebay. Butit all depends how long you want to wait. You should buy the mocha one and just try it out. You can always return it to Bergdorf's. I wanted my daughter to buy that one but she wanted the Bay instead.
  8. Overstock recently had one in black for $999 + there was a 10% discount code floating around. Make sure to check there often they are good for getting bags that the department stores no longer have....

    Divnanata, how often do you wear your taupe? I bet it's gorgeous!!! I just recently took gris-vert out to play and found that she still takes my breath away!
  9. I wear it with everything brown - and I have a lot of brown. My daughter borrows it for wearing with dresses and she looks like something out of one of the Chloe ads with her long hair and bangs. Whatever Chloe bag I am wearing at the moment is my favorite one - LOL! I am really tall so the bag doesn't look like I'm carrying a suitcase. In fact - I can't wear a medium sized regular Paddy. DARN IT! Those were the ones I fell in love with first. You have some regular ones - don't you ali?
  10. I purchased a large but found it a bit overwhelming for my small frame and exchanged it for a medium that is just right. ITA: nobody does leather better than Chloe! :jammin:
  11. Oh yeah!!! I absolutely love anything paddington(well except the regular satchel to small for my taste and frame). Besides the front pocket, I have two sidepocket paddy's and the large zippy bouler and still looking for! Something about chloe I just don't think I will ever have enough:nuts:......
  12. I did it! My first Chloe is on its way to me. :yahoo:
    This Large Paddington Satchel from Bergdorfs.
    I know it might be too big (and I'm still on the lookout for a medium:graucho:), but I still carry dipes for my 2.5 year old and sometimes even an extra set of clothes.
    Fingers crossed that it works, but if not, I know I can return it. It is such a relief knowing it will be authentic and I can return it with no hassle if it does not work out.
    Worth the extra few hundred to me :tup:
  13. Hi KellyKapoor!

    Just wanted to say CONGRATS on your large paddington satchel...the mocha is TDF :smile: I think you might end up enjoying the mocha color way more than the ones you missed out on!!

    Don't you think Chloe has the softest leather around? I think the leather on all Chloe's is far superior to some other designers whose bags cost much more!!!

    Enjoy your new baby & please post those gorgeous pics when she are making me want that bag now & I'm trying to be on a purse ban until x-mas!!
  14. Oh that is wonderful! I am still confused about the picture on Bergdorf's website? It isn't a picture of the large pocket Paddy but the medium pocket one. So you may be getting the right size after all!