ARGH, just bought ANOTHER Kooba

  1. Revolve had the Kooba Patent Caramel Natasha and i got it. I feel so bad as i paid near full price even though i really cant afford it. I feel SO SO guilty.

  2. Don't feel guilty, Belini! Enjoy your gorgeous bag. Hopefully you used some type of code to get a discount! Post pics when you she gets there.
  3. I used JT and got 15% off. Depending on whick i like better i might have to sell my Elisha.
  4. sell ELisha???!? noooooooooooooooooooooo haha

    but if you love the other more then i understand :smile:
  5. Well, Belini, you've been looking for that bag everywhere, haven't you? Hope it's as good as you hoped when you get it, we want to see:smile:
  6. I love the Natasha in Caramel. I'm glad you got it but Don't sell the Elisha:cry: . That would be soo painful. Anyway you can keep both???
  7. Hi Girls, I just bought the Kooba Sloane in Honey from revolveclothing-it's a very cool bag but do you think it's too big??
  8. Belini, I def agree... don't sell the Elisha. Congratulations on your Natasha! Please post pics when you get the chance... I haven't seen many pics of the Natasha other than stock photos, etc...