Argh! It happened to me too!

  1. Even though I've been reading about how BIN auctions are being bought by fraudulant accounts - I listed an LV yesterday on eBay and forgot to make it "immediate payment due" and sure enough someone BIN last night with a fraudulant account. eBay removed the auction so I had to start all over from scratch!:cursing:
  2. Guess what? It happened to me, too. Someone from UK bought my LV bag with a BIN. This morning, I found my listing removed. Worse yet, I am still being charged for the Final Value Fee. Since the listing number no longer exists, I do not know how to get credited.

    Would you check your seller account to see if you are also charged for the Final Value Fee. If so, let me know how we can get credited.

    I do not want to sell my bag on eBay again, because this is the second time they took down my listing. Since I am a first-time seller, I thought they took it down the first time because I did not have my Paypal account verified. After I got verified (took a few days), I relisted the bag. It got sold within a day. Now the listing has been removed, AGAIN. So frustrating! the bad part is that I do not know why, although the Buyer had a recent negative feedback (did not pay).
  3. oh, Smoothoprter. I'm sorry that happened to you. Why there's so many ppl like them at this time?? Did they have another job to do?
  4. Monica, I came here looking for help because this happened to me too this morning. This is the first bag I've tried to sell on eBay and this morning I had an email that it had sold with a BIN from a user in the UK, but then it says my listing was canceled. We got no help on the live chat, but sent an email, which we haven't heard back from. It seems like this has happened a lot in the last few days to various people.
  5. The auction number should be in your seller account. I had to do live chat to ASK for my final value fees to be credited.

    Or try to find the email from eBay telling you your auction was listed.:yes:

    Funny thing was that my auction cancellation email from eBay was in Italian. I don't read Italian.:rolleyes:
  6. What a hassle, sorry it happened to you :sad:
  7. Same thing happened to me today. Refer to my thread. Well, someone nice told me to use to read the Italian text. Just paste the entire text onto the site.

    Here is mine in Italian, and after translated.
    ti informiamo che per motivi di sicurezza abbiamo rimosso le inserzioni:
    Secondo le informazioni in nostro possesso, le offerte sui tuoi oggetti sono state fatte da qualcuno che ha effettuato un accesso non autorizzato all'account di un utente eBay.

    Abbiamo preso le misure necessarie per proteggere l'account utilizzato per fare offerte e stiamo collaborando con il titolare dell'account allo scopo di impedire ulteriori attività non autorizzate.

    Ti abbiamo rimborsato le tariffe relative alle inserzioni sopra elencate e potrai immediatamente rimettere in vendita il tuo oggetto.

    Purtroppo non è possibile rimettere in vendita i tuoi oggetti automaticamente, ma sarà necessario creare delle nuove inserzioni attraverso il modulo Vendi il tuo oggetto o tramite il servizio che utilizzi per pubblicare inserzioni.

    ***Quest'email è generata dal sistema. Non rispondere a questo messaggio, non riceveresti alcuna risposta.***
    In caso di altri dubbi, puoi contattarci cliccando su Aiuto, nella parte superiore di quasi tutte le pagine eBay, e poi sul link "Contatta l'Assistenza clienti", nella parte sinistra della pagina.

    Ci scusiamo per gli eventuali disagi e ti ringraziamo per la comprensione.

    Cordiali saluti,

    eBay Regolamento e Sicurezza

    We inform you that for motive of safety we dismissed the advertisements:

    According to the information in our possession, the offers on the your objects you were done from someone that carried out an access done not authorize to the account of an user eBay.

    We took the necessary measures to protect the account used for do offers and we are collaborating with the official one of the account to the purpose of to hinder further activity done not authorize.

    We repaid you the relevant tariffs to the advertisements above listed and you will be able immediately to replace in sale your object.

    Unfortunately it is not possible to replace in sale your objects automatic, but will be necessary to create of the new advertisements across the form you Sell the your object or means the service that utilizations to publish advertisements.

    We excuse ourselves for the eventual inconveniences and we thank you for the understanding.

    Cordial greetings,
  8. Sorry this happened to you it has happened to me 5 times in last week or so. Just do fixed price with immediate payment, only way to beat these losers who have nothing better to do with their time. Also follow ebey for fees they do not automatically credit despite the email saying that they have.
  9. My cancellation email was in Italian also.

    The thing is, can we now relist our items?
  10. You can relist immediately, because you were not charged for the previous listing which was pulled by ebay!

    This is happening way too often!
  11. Yep, happened to me too with a user from the UK :yes:
  12. You can relist right away Tammy. You'll just have to start from scratch unless you had your auction listing saved somewhere other than eBay.
  13. OMG! this happened to me too yesterday!!! :wtf:

    i just got emails that my bag's sold, and then there's mail from ebay that the seller is fraud.

    so i have to start from scratch too !!!

    what really happen here?
  14. Hold on girls- let me understand this....some buyer from UK uses BIN on your auctions fraudulently and then AFTER ebay cancels the auction anyway, and sends you an email in italian?
  15. mine was letters from ebay though, not the italian...