ARGH I'm so mad!!!!

  1. I get a call today that after COACH gave me the okay on ordering my rosabel sandals, I get a call two days later that they said that they're refunding it because it wasn't!!!! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: So flipping mad! Way to tell me after the PCE event is over! They made the mistake, why do I have to suffer for it!
  2. not allowed
  3. aarti, are they sold out or did they just not allow you to buy them during the PCE? Either way, I'd be hopping mad. Maybe you make some phone calls to see if you can somehow get the 25% off something else seeing that this wasn't your mistake.
  4. After I came home and they charged me for PCE, after the SA made me wait till she helped eveyrone else so she could get the sales. If they told me in the beginning I couldn't have gotten it it was one thing. I was so excited I got the card this time around, and this totally ruined it. I mean they were what 140 something in 7.5, but still, after saying they would.. I was so excited to get them!
  5. Same thing happened to me, they said I could get something but now have called and said the item is no longer available. The SA did say I could pick something else out for the 25% discount but Im going out of town early Wednesday for the week.
  6. whoa. what?! you ordered them and then they backed out of it? that's crap.
  7. unfair. you should definitely ask for some sort of discount-compensation.
  8. Nope they offered nothing, they just said it wasn;'t allowed to be ordered so they already sent payment back on it without my permission. So I should call coach hq tomorrow?
  9. YES! call back! they should honor whatever they told you.
  10. I agree deff call and see what they can do!
  11. ^Absolutely! The worst that can happen is that they still say no and don't give you the opportunity to use the 25% off again, right? Call!
  12. UH, CALL THEM.

    i'd be so mad.

    i AM so mad for you.

    how much effin money do yeh spend on coach? they KNOW how expensive their stuff is. if you call them and politely explain the situation, there will be absolutely no question that they need to do SOMETHING for you. period.

    if they don't, kick em.
  13. Call them in the morning and let us know what happens
  14. aarti, not to be rude

    but did you think about the fact that the SA might have rung up the order but it cannot be ordered? so they refunded your money?

    or did they specifically say that because it is new product that they can't honor the 25

    because corporate did say exceptions can be made, therefore, you do have a case in that sense.
  15. thoughts....if you really want something (that is not on the excluded ERGO) then order it full price (I find they have a set number for PCE) ..have it shipped to the store the week of the PCE...then have your SA return the item and buy it with your PCE discount...