argh! I'm so confused - need help - opinions and pictures!

  1. I'm in a bind:sweatdrop:- need help from my fellow tPF's and Chanel DIVAS----:supacool:

    I love the Jumbo- love the thought of Medium also!

    I would trudge through a crowd to see a Metallic Reissue- but the distressed caviar with MM clasp sounds interesting too-

    I also want to beat a price increase!

    Please give me your thoughts on these bags and I've narrowed it down

    1- Black Jumbo distressed caviar with MM clasp
    2- White Jumbo caviar with silver chain
    3- Dark Silver Reissue from eBay (omg- the prices are crrrazy)

    If you have all three you are my hero and I need pictures- even if you don't have all three please tell me what bag you have and why you find it undeniably irresistible.

    Also! For those of you who own BLACK REISSUES with MM clasp- is the leather totally different and different loooking than the Black Jumbo distressed caviar?
  2. Check the Chanel reference thread for pictures of different bags. Since you live in Alaska, if you get the white I would suggest you get the white with the new chain as it is off white. I would avoid eBay as there are so many fakes. Saks egc is this Thursday 10/18, so you would get I think a $450 gift card if you got either jumbo.
  3. Thank you ronsdiva- that EGC is tempting
  4. Hey, I just got the dark white jumbo with new chain, love it. I wear all black so it pops against all black. The next flap I would love to have is a black one, but I have so many black bags and I love the white caviar with new chain, looks great. Good luck!
  5. Thank you sjunky- I wear lots of blacks and greys.

    Can you post a picture please?
  6. Ill take some pics tomarrow, search white jumbo and you will see the one with new chain, its nice. It isnt a stark white like the regular white, plus the new chain is so cool. really nice. I would get that or the black one.
  7. girlie, you really are on a roll! heres pics of my black and white reissue and my vintage jumbo XL that you've probably already seen on Balenciaga forum... they're not on your list but these will give you an idea? :confused1: I love the black reissue... but have been toooooo scared to use the white! and the XL is undeniably chic and funky with the great size!

    oh and the reissues are 2005 anniversary editions... I'm kinda kicking myself now for not getting the grey 227 as well when I had the chance back then!
    2 Reissues.JPG RT & Chanel without flash 2.JPG White 227 No.1.JPG XL Jumbo.JPG
  8. ^^^ oh i have other flaps too... but they're back home in HK... I find the jumbo size suit my life style better... as for the reissues, anything smaller than 227 is a no-no for me... I'm someone who can fill up a Balenciaga Work size you see! :sweatdrop:
  9. Alaska I'd vote for #2 now and suggest you wait for S/S 2008 reissues to come!:yes:
    Addicted Ali love your collection!:drool:
  10. my heart and jaw just dropped! Thank you so much AA- your bags are beeeautiful!!
  11. chanelspell- white I can wear- I love it- I'm not afraid of white- even if it was a lambskin flap- it's a plus being caviar. But aren't the s/s 08 bags being released on 11-15? LOL~ my money tree will only be sprouting by then if I take advantage of 10/18's EGC @ Sak's (haha~ I'm going to get a MC Koala Bracelet in black if I do the EGC offer)
  12. Hi, hear's the distressed caviar in MM lock (Black and White) and the dark Silver Reissue.
    Distressed Caviar.jpg Distressed Caviar White.jpg 6679980.jpg
  13. ^^^ no probs! sorry I couldnt be more help with your choices though... I do have the white jumbo caviar in HK... its much easier to maintain... and its very classy just like the reissue i have... and to be honest i dont like the distressed caviar... something about it that dont seem to quite click with me KWIM? good luck "M"!

    thanks Chanelspell! you make me blush
  14. [​IMG]

    Thank you so much shopgirlbb :flowers:

    This is the Jumbo size? for $2695?
  15. Got the pics of WHITe cAVIAR jumbo and reissue Light silver - 228 size !!:heart:
    My vote for white Caviar, it's a really nice bag...:heart::heart:- especially with the price increase in Nov ^^
    Hope this help you make your choice !!!:graucho: