argh...i waited too long and missed out on the damier azur saleya gm...

  1. is the regular damier canvas saleya gm a beauty too or should i try and hunt down another damier azur???? would i be able to use the damier azur year round or is it more of a spring/summer bag?? ty!
  2. I think you can use both anytime. Even in the winter, my place gets a LOT of snow, and everything's pure white so I think Azur looks very nice in winter too.
  3. The Saleya is a beauty at any size (I absolutely love my PM in the 'regular' damier).

    IMO the azur is a little more spring summer but if you are in socal that should be perfect year round?
  4. i think azur can be used all year round, sorry about the GM! x
  5. What do you mean you missed out? There is one on elux right now.
  6. No, you haven't missed out...get it's a great bag, I love mine!!!
  7. You should get one as it is a great bag.
  8. wth?! it wasn't there this morning! i was so bummed! thanks!!:yahoo:
  9. CONGRATS! can't wait to see pictures!!!!
  10. Azur can be used year round!!!
  11. I thinkt he azur is a lot prettier than the regular damier, the only down side it is probably wont stay looking nice as long because of the vachetta. Id still get the azur though. =P
  12. I personally see azur as a spring/summer bag, just my opinion though
  13. Yes, you should get a Saleya PM either in regular damier or azur would be really pretty. It is a great bag. I have one in Azur and absolutely love it. Good luck! :yes:
  14. saleya azur gets my vote. puts a spring in your step during winter. lols
  15. I think it can be used year-round, which is why they released it as one of their permanent lines.