Argh! I think I am going to cry!

  1. I had to make a decision between a great price on a black Leather Ali or ordering the heritage tote so I chose the tote. I just checked the pile of mail from today and I got a check from my side consulting job that would have covered a good portion of the cost of the Ali and it's not available anymore...I think I'm going to cry. I know in the overall scheme of things, it's not a big deal or the end of the world but I know if anyone would understand, y'all would. So I thought, maybe I'll look for a slim flap in black leather instead of getting an Ali and there are none listed on eBay in black leather. *sigh*:hysteric:
  2. Tanukiki, they still have the black leather slim flap available at JAX. At least they did a week or so ago when I called to check on them.
  3. I am so sorry maybe you will be able to find it later
  4. There's a black Ali on eBay right now with a $329 BIN... did you see it?
  5. Don't give up on eBay....they show up off and on. You can find one I am sure of it!!!!!!
  6. That's more than I want to pay and WAY more than I could have gotten it for. I'm going to kick myself in the a.. Thanks for looking it up though :flowers:
  7. I could only swing it if I got it for about the outlet price. So I'll wait and see what happens. I'm just SO darn mad at myself. I should have gotten the Ali and waited on the tote. Of course, then the tote would have sold out probably :rolleyes:
  8. Maybe I'll luck upon a Rose Legacy bag someday. That would heal my wounded heart :lol:
  9. Isn't that the way it always works??? I hope that you find another one soon.
  10. I hope you do too ! I will let you know if I see one. Maybe check your local craigslist too !
  11. Keep your eyes open and check back at the outlet. I got a belt my sister wanted for Christmas at the outlet. It took a few trips but I finally got one in her size.
  12. I just wish my outlets weren't so frickin far away. I can only go on the weekends and even then it's hard to manage. Oh well, like I said, I'll live :crybaby::s
  13. I am so sorry! I hate that gnawing disappointment in my stomach when things like that happen to me! I really hope you stumble across something to heal your wounds soon - or that your Heritage Tote steals your heart so much that you temporarily forget all other bags!
  14. aww! I'm sorry! The heritage tote will be fabulous and it was a good buy! I think with them being in the newest catalog people will be wanting them and they will be almost gone by the time they "release" them.

    The Ali will show up again on ebay, they always do.. and you can get a good price!
  15. You might wanna check some outlets! Some of us got an Ali for $215! Theres a lot of legacy in the outlets right now.