Argh! I slept through my class! Again!

  1. :crybaby:I have this one specific class, speech, at 9:30 on tuesdays and thursdays. So far I lost my class the first day, was 20 minutes late. showed up 50 minutes late for an hour and a half class after sleeping through my alarm clock, then gave a terrible speech (I hit my head the night before). I was out of town this past thursday, and then slept through my alarm clock today. I am an honor roll student, I dont miss classes! I am freaking out, he will surely hate me. Plus, it is not the kind of class that you skip, I am freaking out. :wtf:
  2.'s still your first week back. start sleeping early, set multiple alarm clocks; I have an actual alarm, my cell phone alarm, my radio alarm, my tv alarm and for backup purposes, the human alarm aka My Mom.

    Start showing up to classes on time or early if u can and ask questions so that u look interested and your prof wont think that ure slacking off.
  3. Why are you sleeping through your alarm? Are you going to bed early enough? Is the alarm volume loud enough?
  4. Don't worry, I did this yesterday AND today!!! Worse, I missed an assignment yesterday that cannot be made up. Thankfully, the professor gives 2 chances to miss one...phew!
  5. Uh oh. Better make yourself appear extra-devoted to your professor. Are you pregnant? J/ I was in college, I had a morning class I would fall asleep in no matter how hard I tried not too. Luckily, I had the professor for another class the year before so she knew what kind of student I was and that it was out of character for me. She pulled me off to the side and asked me what was wrong. I had no idea, and then I found out I was pregnant! Ah ha! lol I told her the next class or so, and she was like, that explains it!
  6. OMG! Get it together!!!!! Set your alarm clock and your cellphone also. Set both for 30 minutes earlier then you normally get up. You have to get up for this class. You started off poorly and I am sure your teacher thinks your a flake, turn it around. You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Can you drop the class? It sounds like you've missed quite a bit/have been late a lot so early into the school year. I would be worried about how that would effect my class participation. I agree with you that your professor probably isn't loving you at the moment. It's hard to get past that first impression, you know? It might be best to drop the class and enroll in it next semester or next year.

    As for your alarm-I agree with Charles, why are you sleeping through it? Are you staying up too late? You might want to try putting your alarm clock across your room so that you physically have to get out of bed to turn it off.
  8. i sleep through my alarms allll the time. i'm terrible about waking up, even if i do get enough sleep (which i never did in college). i missed quite a few classes in the mornings like you and i felt terrible afterwards. usually i emailed the professor afterwards or got notes from another student. you can also make up for it by visiting the professor during office hours.

    oyyy...i woke up this morning thinking about how much i miss college, and now i definitely miss it!
  9. WEll I am a sleep walker for one thing, so I have been known to sleepwalk to turn off my alarm clock without physically waking up. I had my phone alarm set 5 different times just in case. I have NO IDEA what happened! I should have gotten about 6 hours of sleep (which is normal for me on a school day), but I was having a nightmare and am a super deep sleeper.

    On a funny note, I got up and went to my second class, just as I was pulling up it starting downpouing incredibly hard, I had to tromp in flip flops with my soaking wet book into the building, someone looked at another girl who had just walked in and me and said WOAH! So I stepped on the tile and promptly slipped and landed right on my butt in the entrance of the building, where there were at least 20 people waiting to go outside until the rain slowed. I froze through my whole class. Man I crack myself up.

    I think that since my teacher is an adjunct he is a little more understanding, plus he is a law student so it should be ok. But I need an A becase I am on the Deans Honor Roll!
  10. Yea I sleep through my alarm too! It's an ordeal for me to wake up so I set alarms on my phone for different times about 15 mins before I need to get up. Plus I ask my mom to call me (which she hates). Then I have a regular alarm clock, and my iHome alarm. So believe me I feel your pain.

    With even the worst professor's I have had ,if I ever over slept I would send them an email. Then go to their office personally. Let him get to know and like you. Be on time or early when possible and be active in class, even pop into his office once in a while or stay a few mins after class to speak with them.

    So sorry to hear what happened to you I hope you luck turns around soon!

    HTH. Good luck.
  11. omg girl i feel you on that alarm b/c i do the same thing! I set my alarm an hour b4 I really need to get up b/c ill either sleep through it or snooze and not know it! I set my alarm and my cell phone b/c i actually have to get up to turn it off and then im not so likely to get back n bed!