Argh, I paid for my bag friday, he was supposed to mail me the tracking info yesterda

  1. y, but nothing! I hate this, I've mailed him twice now, I know there's a time difference, but I mailed him at like 6pm US time, whats that EST? I have no clue lol
  2. The east coast is probably 5 hours behind you, so that would be about 1PM EST.
  3. He just mailed me asking to send him an extra $15 for shipping :s eep
  4. Did he quote international shipping to you in the auction or via e-mail?
  5. email i still have it though, he sent the email through eBay
  6. i'd tell him to shove it and send you the dang bag already. you went through the trouble to ask for a quote, you paid what he told you to, therefore you have a contract and he's obligated to send it for what he quoted. i would never ask a buyer for more money if i was off on my shipping quote. geez.


    You already paid the shipping costs he posted up front!

    Tell him to mail your package, you are not giving him any more money!

    If he continues to screw with you, dispute via PayPal!

    Good luck!!!!
  8. i can't believe that seller! :yucky:
  9. thanks girls, yeah, I'm refusing to give him more money, its like...had I known you wanted more $$$ I probably wouldn't have bought it in the first place lol