ARGH! I hate the USPS

  1. :cursing::cursing:I ordered a book from Amazon Wednesday and the online tracking had it being delivered today. So I went and watched for her because we have had isues with them before. Anyway she finally gets here and I go get it and no book. I went to check te onlne tracking and obviously it had not changed. My boyfriend said to check it after they have had time to update it. We went to a birthday party and after we got back I checked the tracking and it said delivery attempted no one home. I am so annoyed at this! I knew I should have done 2 day delivery but it usually gets here pretty quick from Amazon so I hoped since it wasn't too close to Christmas it would be better. No such luck. I just needed to rant a little. And to make my day even more annoying our keyboard has died and I am having to use the on-screen keyboard until Monday.(not fun):tdown:
  2. aw sorry to hear that .
  3. Sorry :sad:
  4. Sorry to hear that! I use USPS all the time and have no problem with them (though it's been a while since I've relocated). But I generally use Priority Mail.
  5. Sorry about that :sad:
  6. unfortunately a few of the carriers in my area don't attempt to deliver the package just leave the notice that an attempt was made and i need to pick it up.

    this happened about a week ago and i happened to be heading out and found the notice. the carrier was in the truck in front of my place. i called to her and she said she knocked but i didn't hear. impossible as i was waiting for her to leave to pick up the mail. i showed her the doorbell and she said i started to come inside and call to you. i just ignored that as she knew as well as i did that the door was locked.

    the strange thing is what she gave me was a business envelope that would easily have gone in the slot. i have yet to figure this out. it is not uncommon for them to do this regarding a package since they don't even bring it on the truck. i traced her down one day shortly after she left my house and she did not even have it. it was at the post office. this doesn't happen because they think i am not home as i do my work there.