ARGH!!! I didn't get my package!!! :(

  1. i finally managed to place an order on NM for a gucci bag without being cancelled. i checked and tracked the shipment like 50 times a day and finally it's supposed to be delivered and left at my front door this afternoon.

    but as i got home from work, i did NOT see anything! i think someone took it.......... :cry:
  2. Ohhhhh noooo..................let us know what happens. So sorry for you. :sad:
  3. oy! contact the carrier ASAP and see if they have any additional details?!
  4. oh no :crybaby: I hope that you get your package!
  5. Oh dear....definitely call FexEx or UPS and find out what happened. There have been numerous reports on this forum about FedEx just signing for a package and leaving it wherever they see fit. I hope you find it.
  6. Def call the courier asap, also follow up with NM and the police, if a report of theft needs to be filed. I hope it is resolved quickly for you :smile:
  7. so sorry ...let us know how it turns out.
  8. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! :s :crybaby:
  9. omg sweetie, im so sorry! def. make calls like a banshee until someone can give you any info and help!

    i got a package today by fedex, i was home, but after giving me the box the guy was chatting with me about the weather and im holding the package..and he says okie bye! im like. hey wait..dont you need me to sign for this, anything? nope, no sig.! he goes.... and then im like derrrr, ok. so then i look on the box and it says no sig. required either. this was on an over $1,400 aren't these ppl requir. sigs anymore! and if not a sig then why LEAVE it? come back tomorrow! just makes ZERO sense and this seems to be happening so frequently various courier services!!!!

    omg, i just realized how actually mad i am on yer behalf!~:cursing:

    i hope you get this figured and get your rightful item! good luck:heart:. *hugs*
  10. ?!?! How can they just leave it at the door? Even Fedex being a reputable courier does it??
  11. i can't believe they would drop off package w/o signature. i order stuff from NM before and they require signature. if anything, it's not your fault. if it's lost or stolen, they better pay you for it!
  12. Yes, fed-ex has left many packages for me outside. Once, it was signature required, and they just sign for it.
    Girl, I really hopw it was a mistake or something, hopefully your package shows up!
  13. WHAT!? :wtf:

    ... i'm expecting a package from Fedex in the US and unfortunately I'm having to sent to an address in the US. I hope it be in the hands of my friend soon. :sad: Such things never happen in my country before :sweatdrop:
  14. My friend had it happened and she had only a little delay and then her package showed up.
    sorry it was mixed up, but I think and hope it will arrive safely :smile:
  15. thanks, girls!!!!

    i was calling NM and Fedex like a mad woman last night. NM said they would file a missing package claim if the package doesn't show up in 10 days and refund me.

    Fedex said since the shipper (NM) didn't require a signature delivery, they would just drop it off at the front door. i don't understand why NM wouldn't request a signature delivery.....!!! :cursing:

    I will be knocking at all my neighbors' doors today to see if they have kept the package for me..... *keeping my fingers crossed* :s

    Argh, I knew it wouldn't be that easy to get a great bag at such a great discount!!!!!!! :crybaby: