Argh!! Help very much needed: I've just found out my Bedford has no DATECODE!!

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  1. ....Here's the story:

    I purchased my Perle Bedford on a whim last September, while on a shopping spree in Edinburgh. In hindsight, I'd probably say it turned out to be an impulse purchase, because I've never actually used it(!) - it's just sat bagged and boxed in the back of my wardrobe whilst my other trusty LVs took favour.

    I decided to make the brave decision yesterday however that if I was never actually going to use it, it might as well be cut from my collection and sold to a more loving owner....and so the steps pre-sale began....

    I'd just started taking some photographs, when I has no DATECODE! I've hunted high and low, but it seems to be no-where in sight. Having felt so excited in the boutique on the day of purchase, and having never taken it out of the wardrobe since...admittedly, it was never something I looked for the past.

    Freakin' out a little now though. What should I do?...and what would LV say if I called? I still have the receipt and everything, but it's just left me a little baffled...

    Here's some photographs of the front and back of my datecode-less!(!) D-ring:


  2. I don't know what LV is going to tell you but just take it with you to a LV boutique
    Tell them you wanted to give it to your friend or something and she told you there isn't a datecode
    bring the receipt and everything, they might be able to do something for you
    I wouldn't tell them that you wanted to sell it on eBay or something like that!

    Good luck and keep us posted!!
  3. wow,has the date code place changed by chance?
  4. I have no clue. But, I am very interested to hear what LV has to say.
  5. That's peculiar.. call LV up and see what they got to say.. best of luck!
  6. sorry about this, I would take it into LV and ask them about it :smile:
  7. OK...SO...I just made the call to LV.

    In a nutshell, they pretty much implied that it was a case of 'tough luck', and that there was sweet **** all that they were prepared to do for me. They said (I phoned 2 advisors since the first advisor was not at ALL helpful) that if I brought it to the boutiques they would not be prepared to exchange, apologise, or offer any kind of sympathy towards me and the bag because at the end of the day 'madam, not every item of LV produce comes complete with a datecode'.

    Left feeling rather aggitated since, to me, a datecode is an essential component to any kind of LV manufactured item, I have proceeded to email LV in hope of a better response.

    Fingers crossed guys!!
  8. whoa. thats really strange
  9. aw that sucks, you got a really lame response from them too. hope everything works out!
  10. ye , i would take it into an lv for them to look at it
  11. That's really disappointing! Maybe you'll get a better response from LV this time! Please keep up posted and best of luck to you!:smile:
  12. the people on LV helplines arnt any good I would take it to the boutique and talk to the manager. :smile:
  13. I've found the date-code!! I've found it!! I've found it!!

    It's no longer located on the D-ring apparantly, it's situated on the leather itself, near the very top of the zipper closure.

    WHAT a relief!! :nuts:
  14. :sweatdrop:
  15. OMG Im so glad you found it :nuts::yahoo:
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