Argh! Help me decide!I

  1. I have been lusting over the signature beaded totes for a while now and scouting them on eBay. I wanted the ones with the medium sig and the two beaded sequin suede strips down the sides and suede on the corners.

    Here's the drilldown pic:

    Here's my dilemma: I initially thought I wanted the khaki/gold, since this one would be really versatile and I could wear it with anything. BUT, the khaki/purple one keeps catching my eye!! I love that one too! But, is it impractical? Would I use it as much with the purple accents? I just love it though!

    Have you ladies ever gone for a purse with color and found yourself using it more or less than you thought? Which one should I get?!?!
  2. ohhh man im a sucker for color...its the main reason i love coach...

    i was surprised how many outfits i can pull off wearing my bright green or lilac purple coachs...that being said im all about contrasting colors, i dont like wearing a purple shirt and my purple bag! I'd rather wear lets say a simple jeans, white tank top purple flats and my bag....or whatever flats, purple bag with a purple rhinestone pin in my hair :smile: trust me youll be suprised at all the combonations youll come up with!

    IMO, i think you should go with the one that catches your eye, because if you thinkkkkkkkkkk about it you can ALWAYS find a khaki coach bag, but a purple one that catches your eye? now THATS priceless! and im sure it will turn a million more heads than the khaki one, because its so unexpected!
  3. i think purple is kinda sought after....

    think about it!

    when that line is done and you can't buy it anymore one day? NO ONE will wanna give a purple one up ;)

    i am in the market for a hot purple coach piece! i'm hoping for all leather or suede or signature one day, but i say go for the purple!
  4. Make sure you check the beads on the bag. They tend to break...
  5. I say, go for the one you really love. There's nothing worse for settling, and then lusting after what you wish you had bought. If you feel that you'll regret getting gold, get the purple! I agree with what others have said, the purple will be quite a head turner.
  6. Purple is the color of Rolayty:yes:
  7. keep in mind...the gold one is leather...the purple one is suede. So if you are looking for a year round bag...leather might be the way to go (jmo)

    I have it in brown...bought it full price (last one in the area) last year. I love it. My MIL loves it and keeps hinting she wants one (but I know if I buy her one...she'll never use it...just the way she is...)

    Mine is the smaller one...8k52...but if I were to find another in khaki/gold...I would buy it in a heartbeat.

    Also...this bag is over a year old...I've used it on and off..mostly in the fall/winter...I, personally, haven't had any issues with the bead breaking/falling off.

  8. Thanks for the input girls! I'm really leaning towards the purple, but still feel like I really need the gold, too! But, it's not practical to buy both!

    Although, my only concern about the purple is that on some of the eBay auctions, the color appears almost fushsia. Does anyone know if they made a fuchsia AND purple bag in this style?
  9. Here's two pics of them both for comparison:


  10. don't know sry but goodluck with your decision, i'll be checkin back to see what you choose!
  11. Both are gorgeuos! I would get the purple just cause its so diff... most peeps go safe and get what blends in the most.... i like what pops up the most...but i'm loving the gold and khaki! :nuts:
  12. Go with what catches your eye! If you keep thinking of it, get it. As ms-whitney said once....go with what you like to look it (or something like that :smile:. It worked for me with my Carly. I really liked the Chambray/Khaki/Signature but I thought I should get a leather one since it's solid and a better investment...I went ahead with the Chambray and I love it! Good luck!
  13. I had the gold one. It is kind of like suede too. My jeans' color got on it since the color of the gold leather is so light.

    I have to agree the gold one matches everything. But the purple one is nice too.
  14. I think both are beautiful, the gold would match with everything. But I don't think that there is too much purple on the purple one that would make it look bad with something that "didn't match".
  15. I tend to love gold in general, but I have a plum suede legacy bag and adore it. I do find that it goes with more than I expected (but it's suede, so it's not worn constantly). Go with your gut - otherwise, you'll wind up either regretting it or probably buying the one you really wanted sometime down the line!