Argh! Going a little Crazy trying to choose...


LV BV or Chanel PST

  1. LV BV

  2. Chanel PST

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  1. As some of you might know already, I've been going back and forth on my bag decisions and basically getting opinions on which 2 bags to buy for spring; Thanks to everyone out there who's tried to help so far. But since I have to save $$ for the bags, it's taking time and that leaves my mind free to question my choices and it's come to a point where I'm just going around in circles! And driving myself crazy!!

    I know I want a speedy for sure. So I've got the Damier speedy (still trying to decide between sizes 25 or 30) down on the list as a for sure item.

    But I'm stuck between either the LV BV or the Chanel PST.

    I think what I need is some professional guidance so here's my post. Which would you choose? The BV or the PST. And Why? Pros/Cons? Pics? Any advice would be great!

    Just so it's no surprise to anyone if they check out the Chanel forum from time to time I'll be posting a similar thread there to get their advice too!

  2. i voted for the BV because it is cheaper than the PST by a few hundred and if it were me, i would go for the more affordable bag to hold me over for a bit and then segue into a more $$ purchase.

    but if i'm not mistaken, for the price of a PST you can get your speedy and a BV -- or pretty close! i may be off on my chanel pricing so if i'm wrong, pay no attention to the man in the corner. :smile:

    i really love both choices! for me it comes down to $$ so i voted BV.
  3. I chose the LV BV. It's sort of on my radar too. :smile:
    I was REALLY tempted last fall by the Chanel PST too. When we ended up at the boutique, I was totally underwhelmed. Everyone was so nice and the boutique was pretty well stocked, but the bags just did nothing for me. Some of the chains didn't look completely linked and some of the leather didn't seem even. Maybe I'm not sophisticated enough for Chanel yet. LOL.......I did walk out with the Camellia cardholder in grey and then schlepped back to LV to get my MC Priscilla.
  4. I'd choose the LV. :tup: I like Chanel in theory but when I see them at the boutique I always end up going with LV or Hermes. I just like the styles better.
  5. I really love Chanel but everytime I am looking into a new bag I always end up with LV. This would be a difficult choice for me. But since this is a spring/summer bag I would go with the BV.

    Happy Shopping!
  6. I would go with LV
  7. IMO while the chanel is lovely, it is too petite to be an every day bag. I owned one and sold it. LV is so much more "wearable" and affordable for everyday! while I love my chanel caviar bags, I feel they are too dressy for everyday bags and I carry my monogram bags on a more regular basis! Good luck deciding!
  8. Get the Damier SPeedy and the LV BV. You can't go wrong with those. Then save up again for the Chanel and get it maybe in the fall.
  9. will u prefer 2 daily bags (i.e. speedy & bv) or 1 daily & 1 special bag (i.e. speedy & pst)? that will be my "guideline" for making the final decision :smile:.
  10. GO for the LV! :tup:
  11. I prefer the GST ... so I voted for the BV!
  12. Go for LV!!
  13. Thanks for everyone's advice! Your opinions mean a lot!
  14. Hmm, I guess it really depends on your needs. The LV BV is more of an everyday bad, although to be honest, I'd prefer the BH. :nuts: The Chanel PST is more dressy up, at least to me. Especially with the gold hardware. So it just depends on what you'd use this bag for, everyday or dress up occasions.
  15. The LV BV for sure!