ARGH... Ebay take my listing off.. and claim that I sell counterfeits..

  1. Argh ..
    I am trying to sell something on eBay and I stand by all my products and guranteen they are 100% authentic since I purchase all the items by myself at store ..

    I dont know what to do but what I got from them is they cant tell me anything and then asked me to read the page on selling counterfeits

    I am so offended by it when some power seller are obviously selling fake and they do nothing while me an honest seller are being accusted of selling conterfeits..

    I dont really mind if my items cant sell and I have to keep it myself eventually .. but I just dont understand why cant I appeal when my item is 100% authentic.. ARGH !!

  2. Can anyone please advice .. how I could relist my items ? I dont really mind keeping it but I just dont think what they are doing is right .. !! Thanks for letting me vent ..
  3. What items are you trying to sell? You can contact Mypoupette or CarolDiva (who I HIGHLY recommended) to authenticate it before you list it. I heard there are some restrictions to eBay sellers for listing LVs items. I personally don't have experience with that. But you could do some searches to find those threads.
  4. I m trying to sell a new LV bag from Men fall/winter the PDV I bought one for my BF but he dont like it and decided to keep the Monogram Bequia Geant instead..
  5. I am a powerseller and still sometimes have the same problem. And yes my items are authentic! I can list my items with receipts sometimes and they still get pulled. Alot of the time the listings get pulled when someone reports you for selling the bag as a counterfeit- often this is competitors!
    What i do is email ebay and explain they are authntic offer receipt and bank accoutn details as proof. Sometimes they are reinstated sometimes thay are not depends who you get!
    They are more vigilent on sellers selling NEW designer bags, as i a a reseller most of my items are used!
  6. Oh God, the same thing happened to me last night. I listed my LV Cabas Piano (10 day listing) and it was pulled after 7 days!!! The highest bid was $610.00 I had 12 photos, among those 12 was a pic of my receipt (fully visible, nothing blacked out), the date code, heatstamp, etc. I got the same message from Ebay as you. How dare they claim my item is a counterfeit. I emailed Ebay this morning demanding an explanation but I got the same stupid response about Trademark Infringement.

    I currently have two more LV items up for auction and now I'm sure they will be pulled as well.
  7. I don't suggest relisting the item unless you get it authenticated, or and then contact ebay. If you relist without contacting ebay first, your seller account could be suspended. Good luck!
  8. ok is it just me thinking this but if you HAVE to have your LV authenticated by some outside company, how is that right? Is it not possible that someone who makes their money authenticating bags may purposely troll Ebay reporting LVs just to drum up business?

    I'm not saying that MP or CD does that (my listing was verified by CD and still removed) but I wonder how often that happens.

    Anyway, I think is probably my last ebay experience.
  9. Ebay won't give you the opportunity to provide proof that your item is authentic. They claim receipts and such can also be faked! I am going through the same thing AGAIN! I swear there is someone at Ebay who thinks it's fun to f*** with my account every couple of months. I just had 3 coach listings pulled for supposed trademark infringement. All 3 were purchased at the Coach outlet! No use emailing Ebay. I've tried that and you get a form email that is a copy-and-paste of their policies and no explanation. I was given some contact info for some higher-ups at Ebay by a fellow tPF'r that I didn't think I'd have to use because they were leaving me alone, but it seems to have started up again. I am so mad that I could scream! What really irks me is that any of the times I have reported fakes, Ebay never pulls the listings. UGH!!!
  10. Thiis has happened to me too, twice as a matter of fact. It's so frustrating that the fakes are still up but your AUTHENTIC bags are being pulled off for "trademark infringement". What the HE%@ does eBay know about designer handbags when they can't tell the difference between the real thing and fakes and need to have people report the bags to them and usually the people who report them are the FAKERS themselves!:mad:
  11. This seems to be happening more and more .. and it's truly frustrating when the authentic bags (with receipts and all) are the listings getting pulled and the fake bags get to stay!
  12. Just to throw something into the mix here. I had an LV listing get pulled awhile ago because I had included in the listing a statement/disclaimer about another designer bag-That was the infringement... My first impression was they thought the item was counterfit but after I called them and inquired- I never use the email system you always get junk answers back-they explained what the issue was. I removed the reference and relisted. The impression is always your bag a fake when you get something like that. I would call and ask the problem. The HASSEL of the whole deal is that once it is pulled it is have to start from scratch essentially when you relist. Also had a listing pulled and got the same message because I had used the phrase LIKE NEW in the header-that is a no no as well. They are soooooo picky.
    Just food for thought...
  13. It's a virus going around! Ebay has their system set up in place to prevent selling of fakes, but I think it is backfiring on them and they are ending up with more fakes than authentics.

    Was your listing pulled as a vero or as trademark infringement? If it's vero, it's the company (eg LV). If it's trademark infringement, it's a self proclaimed expert going on a witch hunt, or your competitor (either you are selling the same thing as someone who is selling an authentic and is weeding out the competition, or someone selling a fake rendition of yours and is afraid of people looking at photos for comparison). Ebay bites. Open your own website. If you don't know how, list on blujay, they will submit your stuff to google product base (aka froogle) automatically.
  14. I wish that I could call .. they always say I cant help u the Trust and Safety dept who take care of this only accept emails:cursing::cursing::cursing:
  15. trust me i KNOW what you're going through! I am DESPERATELY trying to buy this car that i'm getting a super good deal on. ($3,500! and its worth like 12-15k)(i know thats still cheap but i LOVE THIS CAR! Its no white range of my dream cars im eventually gonna have but this car is all wheel drive twin turbo : D and they dont make them anymore.)and wanted to list some of my stuff but ebay put me on probation. i cant list any LV till FEB! RIDICULAS! I have my receipts and everything! so p!ssed! And really...i guess there isnt anything that can be done. booo. good luck!