ARGH! eBay sellers, please help!!!!

  1. i'm so irritated right now!

    okies so i'm located in Singapore and when ya sell things at, there's no fees involved, basically it's FREE. however, is not popular. so, i wanted to sell my stuff at

    i listed my stuff, did everything as instructed and my listing's url, still has that sg!!! argh. why is this so? can anyone help? i'm being charged insertion fees etc so i don't want my money to go to waste! how do i change it so that the url is and not what am i not doing right?
  2. Did you try clearing the cookies and Browser history so that eBay can't tract your previous visited sites to divert you to ??
  3. yup, i did that after talking to the livechat on eBay. apparently i have to wait for 6 hours before my listing shows up. in the mean time, i have chalked up *(*$()# ebay fees for ONE stupid listing. i hate ebay!
  4. i talked to two reps from eBay and one of them said that my items would be on both the sg & usa website, like ya said. i did a search - nothing. i just hope they show up eventually ):

    in the meantime i have written to ebay to try try try and credit me some sellers fees *fingers crossed*