ARGH! Buyer accusing me of selling a fake

  1. OMG-I want to throw up right now! I don't know what to do.......The buyer of my authentic LV item is accusing me of selling a fake! He won't even tell me why! He is telling me to refund his money back in full via PayPal asap and he will ship my LV back to me.
    I KNOW my item is REAL & AUTHENTIC LV. What do I do?
  2. 'bout, "No way!!". Don't refund a penny to him! Tell him that you will gladly refund his money if he returns the bag to you in it's original condition (Video the opening of the package!) or tell him to go jump in a lake!!!!
  3. Wait, what?! He wants you to refund his money back via paypal and then he says he'll send back the bag? What kind of fool does he think you are? DON'T DO IT. Keep all correspondence, and make sure you take the funds out of your paypal account IMMEDIATELY.
  4. DONT DO IT this guy is obviously just trying to get a free bag.
  5. yep - sounds like fraud, ask him to send the bag back with proof that its a fake, only then will you refund his $.
  6. I'm so tired of these freaks on eBay. Sometimes I think people say your item is fake just to scare you. If it's fake you'll probably refund, but if not, then you'll fight them. Once this jerk realizes you're not going to back down (because you don't have anything to hide), he'll probably go away and crawl back into his hole.
  7. ^^ ditto!!! :goodpost:
  8. This guy is crazy!!! Do not refund a dime to him. If he's so sure it's fake make him get documents to prove it! Otherwise tell him to kick rocks! He probably just has buyers remorse! Dont let him get away with this!!! Good luck and stand your ground!
  9. Yep, I would wait let him file a claim and then let him get it authenticated. He probably won't go to the trouble because he is trying to scam you.

    Good luck
  10. Don't refund that person a dime until you got your purse back and verify that it is indeed the same purse you sent out. I smelled a bait-and-switch scheme.
  11. Bait-and-switch alert! DO NOT send him the money back. Even if he does open a PayPal claim with you, you have evidence to back up it's authentic, right? And the burden on him is to prove it isn't. Unless he sends the bag first, don't refund! He is either trying to switch it out or do a free bag scam. :flowers:
  12. tell him sales are final. and if he does want a refund, then HE needs to send the bag first and then you will process the refund.
  13. Same thing happened to me recently. :cursing: It's still pending as a claim in PayPal.
  14. jump in the lake-- classic.
    and tell him to suck an egg
  15. yeah, don't give him the refund!! did he pay w/ CC in Paypal? hopefully he won't do a chargeback... but if he did PP should side with you if it goes to a claim, after all u have evidence it's real right (reciepts, pictures, mypoupette etc).