ARGH! Barnes & Noble!

  1. I am a B&N member-so, I get 10% off anything I buy and since i am a book freak and also buy for my children and the ones I take care of-this is a great savings for me. I also get special extra coupons in the mail and email all the time.

    About a week and a half ago-I received a coupon in my email for an extra 15% off-so, I went and tried to buy YOu Will Never Nanny In This Town Again. Wel--it took 9 days for it to come in and by the time it did-my coupon was expired and I couldn't use it. So-I paid the regular price (still getting my 10% off-but ticked that I could have had 25% off!).

    So-what comes in the mail today? Yep-another 15% off coupon from them! Argh! I am so annoyed!!! i almost want to take this darn book back and then go back another day and purchase it again with my 15% off coupon (and with my member discount combined-get 25% off)! But, will that seem funny since they didn't even have this book in stock and had to get it for me? Also-does B&N accept returns? I don't even think I have the receipt-am I just SOL?
  2. I'd probably be more inclined to use the coupon on yet another book -- which is exactly what their marketing people want you to do, which is why they sent the coupon, lol.

    BandN does accept returns on unread books for thirty days after purchase. If it's a big store you could probably return it to one SA, then go back later and get it again from a different one.

    I hate missing out on coupons too!!
  3. I dont think it is worth the drama. I would just go back and use it on a different book. But then again I am a book addict as well....
  4. Yeah-I think that is what I will do-I am just having a cruddy day today.
  5. Whatever book you decide on...dont read it while driving :smile:
  6. GRRRRR!:censor:
  7. ^^yeah, missing the coupon probably seems a lot more annoying when it comes right on top of a ninety dollar ticket -- what a frustrating day!
  8. This is why I prefer Borders. They don't charge me to belong to their "club" and I get coupons via email.... But I would try the return and rebuy method unless you REALLY want another book...
  9. I used to work there. I really don't think it should be a problem if you either have the receipt or the shipping slip. Just explain to them what happened.
  10. Look at the coupon you were sent. Does it work at Use that coupon when you order something online.

    My dad's problem with the website is that we have to enter a username and password whenever we try to order something. "I dont want to do all this! I just want to buy the book!" We very rarely order stuff off of there . . . I've gotten the past two copies of the Harry Potter books that way. It beats waiting in line forever, and you don't torture yourself by seeing everyone bring their books home that night.
  11. there are times when BN really piss me off

    they suck when it comes to ordering books and especially about being realistic as to when to expect it.

    I almost got totally screwed last year in a Grad class bcuz BN sent me the wrong book and then after month was like its going to take like 20 days. Thank G-d my teacher just went on a rant about corporations not caring about the customer and let me use a different book.