argghhh!! where is my lady braid???

  1. i saw imgg's fabulous violet lady braid a little while ago and was inspired to go try it on in person at the boutique. i was so excited to find out i could wear it on my shoulder and that it wasn't strictly handheld like i had been told it was. anyway, after calling around, i found that there was one last black lady braid at Nordstrom in seattle, and so i was thrilled to be getting it! the SA told me it was shipped out on the 17th of october and to expect it in 7-10 business days at the latest.

    i've been waiting patiently, counting down the days. today, i came back from being out of town for the weekend and found my monthly statement from Nordstrom. there is a charge on the 17th for the bag in the amount of $2600+ and then a CREDIT for the same amount the following day! from what i can see, it looks like they charged the bag to me and then someone sent it back to seattle the next day and refunded me the amount.

    what is going on?? :cursing: i can't believe i've been waiting so expectantly the past few days only to find out that this bag was returned back to the store? why?? it's too late to call the store since it's midnight here, but i just want to say::hysteric:!!!

    thanks for letting me share this angst somewhere!
  2. oh that is just awful! I would be so mad. Hopefully it was a mistake on your statment and your bag is still on it's way.
  3. omg, i hope everything works out for you. were you able to find out what happened?
  4. That's so strange. I tried on the lady braid last week in violet at my Neimans. While I could get it on my shoulder I would never wear it that way because it wasn't comfortable at all. It's a gorgeous bag though.
  5. i probably won't be able to call til later tonight after work.
    i just really don't get what happened!

    smoothoprter, it's not as comfortable on my shoulder as other bags, but i just like to be able to wear my bags on my shoulder in case i want my hands free. it's kind of like the cambon bowler for me; i can put it on my shoulder if i want to.
  6. I'm sorry Jennifer! How awful! Do you think they tried to deliver it but you weren't home so it was sent back for a credit? I would call they can resolve this for you.

    As far as wearing it on the shoulder, it is more of a hand held. I have small shoulders so it works for me if I need to, but I usually wear it as a hand held.

    Hope you get it!! I get a lot of compliments on it, much more than my other bags!
  7. I hope you call in soon to find out what happen & there might be a chance the bag is still available. It's the softest leather ever for this bag? Denise send me pictures of other Chanel items over the weekend. Fromt he pictures, I think I saw something look like a black lady braid behind. Good luck.
  8. well, i called the store while i was driving home from work. the SA told me it had been shipped on october 16, and so she was surprised that i hadn't received it. she said if i wanted i could call customer service and get a tracking #. i kindly suggested that she tell me the tracking # bc i just wasn't in the mood for the run-around. so, she told me she would call Nordstrom seattle to check on the bag's status.

    30 min later, she calls me to tell me there has been a mistake. nordstrom was in the process of sending me "the wrong bag" so they caught the mistake and refunded the bag back. that's why i saw a charge and then a credit back on my account. the SA told me that the seattle store reported calling the customer (me) and telling her about this. i got no such call! :confused1:

    so in the end, i told her how disappointed i was that i had waited this long for nothing and that now the bag is sold out. they aren't even sure if they will be getting any more of the black lady braid... :s

    i know mistakes happen which is understandable, and i think i could have possibly lived with this disappointment.... but i'm so frustrated right now bc i sold two of my balenciaga bags (my beloved pewter first and the most perfectly smushy black twiggy- seriously, i'm not exaggerating here) to fund this purchase!!!
    i would never have sold those bags if i were not anticipating this bag to be the perfect purchase... i think i built it up and now i'm just so sad and crestfallen. :sad:
  9. oh no jennifer! im feel so bad for you, especially in light of your balenciaga sales :sad:
    Hopefully something better catches your eye!!! I was crushed when i didnt get my lady braid flap but now i've moved on to something better :smile:
  10. oh no jennifer! im feel so bad for you, especially in light of your balenciaga sales :sad:
    Hopefully something better catches your eye!!! I was crushed when i didnt get my lady braid flap but now i've moved on to something better :P
  11. OH, poor thing. I can understand your disappointment. Do cheer up:balloon:. Maybe some of the PFers here can help you find one?
  12. I'm so sorry this happened to you Jennifer. I'm surprised, because Nordstrom usually has excellent customer service. It's inexcusable that they didn't contact you and just left you hanging. Are you sure you can't find a Lady Braid by going through Neimans or Saks or a Chanel boutique? Have you tried the Chanel 800 number?
  13. Jennifer!! I am so sorry!! Did they even offer to call around for you? I am sure a black lady braid will turn up or something else you like equally as well. Call the 800 number, maybe there's one waiting for you!! Let us know!
  14. jennifer, call the San Francisco Chanel and ask for SA Cindy Wong. I just spoke to her today about the Lady Braid and she said they have some. That is if her and I are talking about the same bag. I'm going to see her on Thursday so I can forsure let you know what they have then.

    I too am going to sell some Bbags to fund another Chanel so I feel your pain!
  15. i was in sf last night, they deff have lady braid bags in..i saw a few on display.