Argghhh rude SA on the phone!!!

  1. Yesterday I received an invite to the Chanel sale at Holt Renfrew on boxing day, and I want to find out what bags will be on sale. I decided to call my SA today, but the first time I called she was on break, and so I asked the SA who I spoke with to have her call me back once she returns. That was like...maybe two hours ago?

    Two hours passed, no call. She can't possibly have a break two hours long, so I decided to try her again. I called, and no one picked up after four rings, so I hung up. I tried again 5 minutes later, and another lady picked up, and I asked for my SA.

    She said "Oh she's with a client right now..." trailing off at the last couple of words. Then she asks, "Who's this??" I said, "Oh my name is Karman" and then she says "Oh Karman. Yeah she's busy...ugh..." (trails off again with kind of an "ughh" at the end) she puts down the phone while trailing off and I want to tell her, if she's busy with a client, then she can call me when she's free! Too late though, she already put the phone down and walked away.

    Then I hear her tell my SA, "________ can you answer this please? She's Karman, *sigh* She keeps bugging..."


    WHAT?? I keep "bugging"?? What the heck does that mean? I called two hours ago to ask for her, another time two hours later and nobody answered, and JUST NOW I spoke with someone AGAIN. Besides, she wasn't even the lady who answered the phone the first time!

    When my SA got on the phone, I just told her if she's with a client she can call me back when she has time.

    That lady was so, SO rude. I cannot believe it. I mean I would get it if I called every 1/2 hour and asked for my SA, but I spoke with someone TWICE during the span of TWO HOURS. OH my goodness...unbelievable.
  2. Sorry Karman, this is a terrible time of year for buyers and SAs. Nerves are fried, stores are busy, etc. However, that comment was inexcusable and I would let your SA know how you feel about it. Some SAs are very rude and all about the sale. She knew you were someone else's client, so she didn't want to bother with being a gracious employee. I would've felt awful too, but don't worry about it. She's probably just stressed and jealous she can't have such a fabulous client. :flowers: I wouldn't worry, and I'd mention it to the manager if it was still bothering me after I came in, if I were you.
  3. I totally understand the whole stress thing, because I work in customer service (I deal with clients in person at a restaurant as well as on the phone) as well, and yes, Christmas time is a super busy time for us restaurants too, but that was in no way an acceptable comment, especially for the client herself to hear. If I absolutely have to make a remark like that, I would do it very, very quietly, after the client has hung up. Or even better, not say anything at all. She didn't sound like she wanted to talk to me either, and that is horrible customer service.
  4. Also, I fear that that was actually the manager herself who answered the phone. I've listened to her talk at the boutique and she sounds like the lady who was on the phone with me.
  5. ew wth that's so rude. sorry u had a bad experience =(
  6. I'm sorry that happened, theres no excuse for being rude. I would find out who it was, then next time I went into the store, I would tell her I didn't appreciate her comment about me 'bugging'. I find that when I confront the rude person in a polite but firm manner, they change their tune and usually apologize. I never let people get away with rude comments.
  7. You think it was Carol who said that? Obviously whoever answered didn't think you could hear her. It was probably noisy in the boutique and she wasn't aware how well the sound travelled into the phone.

    Sometimes I think the SAs don't really like us. It's fascinating to hear what they really think, when they don't know we can hear.

    On the other hand, I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume it was crazy in the store today and everyone's nerves were frazzled. Can you imagine how it will be when there's a sale on?
  8. ^ Carol? I don't think there's a Carol at my Chanel...I'm not in Toronto. I have heard about Carol though!
  9. ^^ Ooops, I thought you were in Toronto. Nevertheless, the manager should be setting a good example by showing politeness to everyone.
  10. Just wanted to add that I too have worked directly with both consumers and customers, some being quite rude and others just being a PITA, but I have never lost my cool or made rude comments. I don't know who these SA's think they are sometimes.
  11. Well my SA just called...and I was going to mention it to her but she was so cheerful and happy and so I kind of forgot about this whole thing when I was on the phone with her...oops! That's what I love about my SA thought, she's always happy to see me! (Or acts like she's happy to see me, at least)
  12. Honestly, I'd mention it to someone. I understand having a bad day, who doesn't, however, if my assistant were talking to my clients like that, I would definitely want to know. It just isn't acceptable.
  13. Last week I called NYC Saks store and tried to speak with my SA(I want a cruise patent flap and a cerf.) A guy picked up the phone, and I said " can I talk to xxx please." with a rising tone a little bit higher than I usually do( throat pain on that day.) The guy said " moment please." and then he imitated my tone to find my SA so loud that I can hear it. Then, they laughed together so loud in the phone. I heard it clearly and felt totally offended and embarrassed. Look, I usually talk in a normal way ok (not that bad as you might image.)and this is the first time that this thing happened on me. I skipped this EGC and I would never ever use any sales in NYC Saks. I know you are busy, I know you are doing good business always. BUT NEVER MY BUSINESS AGAIN!
  14. Whos your SA Karman? W*ndy, A*gela or Hisa*o? i always shop there too. They are all super nice except for you know who!
  15. acks she is bugging you not the other way!