Arggg Why so much Vachetta on the new Legacy stuff!!!

  1. I love the Legacy line and was so excited to see new stuff up. However I can't stand Vechetta leather, I have had to many problems with it.

    I know alot of people love it but I really wish they would have also done it in another leather so you had the option to choose.

    What are your feelings on the legacy canvas stripe material?
  2. I was considering the Legacy Stripe top handle pouch because it's so cute but I've heard that the stripes on the canvas are dingy looking! I'm going to the Coach store here in 45 minutes to browse, but I also worry about cleaning and how dirty that stuff is gonna get.
  3. Anyone else feel this way?
  4. They're very dingy looking. That canvas with those stripes make a dull looking bag. =( I wish they woulda kept with the bright stuff!
  5. I agree the satin "I think that's what it is" was so beautiful!!!
  6. A Coach Outlet District Mgr. had the Katy tote and she told me it was silk!! I was surprised.
  7. I am terrified of canvas. It is second only to suede on my fear factor list.
  8. That is so true! It is scary because of how fast it stains!!
  9. Silver Sea:

    What problems have you had with vachetta? I just got a Vachetta bag in the Vintage Ergo which I love. Let me know asap as I need to make a decision on this bag.

  10. My legacy stripe wallet says 100% polyester.
    That makes me mad.
  11. The vachetta is definately a bummer because you have to work on the patina before it's "safe" for public use.
    These newer legacys have even more vachetta than my LV bags!!
    I had a wallet from the mini-sig line with vachetta lining..very prone to spotting/staining.
    On the good side, will be able to see difference in fakes when this line becomes "vintage".
  12. what do you have to do to get the patina on the vachetta?
  13. I'm pretty sure all of the "silky" legacy stripe in and around bags and wallets is polyester.

    I had a discussion with an SA on that a few months ago.

    Actual silk scarves would be different.
  14. i was terrified of vachetta but now i am ok with it...just like gymnastics, fear was the hardest part that i needed to overcome. there are plenty of tips on the LV boards that help with easing the fear of virgin vachetta (apple guard, is one and the other is shinning monkey). I used apple guard on my speedy and its awesome!
  15. patina is what vachetta is called once is has "aged"

    bread = vachetta

    patina = toast