Arggg My car got broken into

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  1. We have a Scion XB . DF took the Car to work like usual. He got to work about 4 Am took a little break at 5:30 for like 10 mins. Everything in the Car was OK... and then got off work at 9:00 am . The window was broken and they stole our Navigation system. They only stole was the navi system. His IPOD, CD's and speakers were still in the car. so the theif knew what they wanted just the Navi.

    IM so pissed.... We always hide the navi where ever we go just so it wont get stollen and now its gone. i feel so violated. but im glad they didnt take anything else from the car.
  2. That's terrible! You should report the incident to the police.
  3. That sucks..
  4. that's HORRIBLE!!
    im sorry :sad:
  5. sorry to hear about that!! thieves suck.

    ps: ur dogs are so cute.
  6. That is awful Annabelle!!! There was just an article in the local paper about cops saying thieves were targeting people coming into the football games and hitting all the hotels...the number one product being stolen was navigation systems!
  7. Wow... that sucks!!! I'm so sorry this had to happen to you. :sad: