from friend's girlfriend

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  1. I am so peeved right now:cursing:

    I get this email today from my good friend's girlfriend accusing me of being rude, and basically a b*tch to her, esp. at another friend's wedding.

    If you don't recall, she was one of the girls that excluded me in Vegas

    Anyway, she said that the "sugar-coating" is wearing off, and now people's true colors are showing. She would appreciate it very much if i was nice to her, and although she is not asking for my friendship, for some civility.

    The thing about is that i don't really talk to her. when i see her i say hi, how are you? Other than that, i really dont talk to her b/c we aren't friends. In addition, in regards to treating her like crap this past weekend...uh hello, one of my best friend's is getting married, i get to see people i haven't seen in a long time, and I am supposed to go out of my way to pay attention to her!?!!? WTF :cursing::hysteric::mad:

    I just had to vent, and i can't believe she is accusing me of something I had no idea I doing... according to her.

    I swear....

    Thanks for listening, i just had to vent...i am in utter disbelief!
  2. Sounds like she is very immature and insecure. I would ignore the rude email and continue to be polite but distant towards her. She can't force you to be her friend if you don't want to be, and the way she is behaving--why would you?
  3. So it's all about her. People like that are a PITA. Don't blame you for not liking her attitude.
  4. Sounds like a nutter. Run like the wind.
  5. ignore, not worth your time. she might be just a little bit.... psycho
  6. e-mail her back:

    "do you have a crush on me or something cause you may as well know now, I ain't punchin' that ticket."
  7. ^^LOL!

    Some people are just really paranoid.
  8. sounds like she's a drama queen and she wants all the attention she can get.

  9. i agree. Why make such a fuss about it? I'd understand if she was a long time friend..but an acquaintance?:rolleyes:
  10. Maybe it's a misunderstanding. It doesn't sound like she's being *****y, it sounds like she wants to be friends. Nothing wrong with that.

  11. ITA^^^ :tup:
  12. Why on earth would anyone send an e-mail like that to someone barely aquainted? :wtf:
  13. aww, this sucks, maybe you should tell her you didn't appreciate the way you were treated in LV. Does she know how you feel about that?

    I think it'd just be easier for your friend if you 2 got along better, so just get everything out in the open so you can both get over it :smile:
  14. ^^ agreed, she also sounds very paranoid about being friends for some reason.. if youre not that great of friends with her to begin with, why would you have to put your neck out to appease her?! :tdown: Also, the phone works both ways, if she wanted to be such a great friend, she woulda called you to hang out, been nicer or she wouldnt have excluded you in Vegas?? :wtf:

    Bottom line, either ignore the email.. or respond saying something to the lines of: "I have no idea what youre talking about as I didnt feel we were THAT great of friends since you excluded me in Vegas and never made an attempt to want to talk to me...." :rolleyes:
  15. Ok, she trying to make, fake drama (on of my favorite terms)...stir something up over nothing.

    I would reply very simply, "Sorry if you felt that way, it really wasn't my intention. Honestly, I wasn't thinking of you at all. Afterall, it was XXXXX's wedding, so my focus was on her. Have a great weekend!"

    Send it and forget about the whole thing...don't let others pull you into "fake drama", it works great!