Argentina and Brazil

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  1. Any recommendations for a hotel in Brazil? We are staying at Home in Buenos Aires and would like to fly to Rio for a few days but I am having a difficult time choosing a hotel. I have 12 year old twins - a boy and a girl.
  2. I stayed in two hotels in Rio. Stay away from the sheraton, its pretty isolated. I also stayed at the Sofitel right on Copacabana beach. Just make sure to ask for a renovated room. It was nice, central and well priced
  3. Of course if you want the highest end, stay at the copacabana palace
  4. Thanks - the Sofitel is the one we were looking at but wanted a first hand experience.
  5. Home is great! I rented an apartment in Palermo this past November/December and the neighborhood is awesome.

    Haven't been to Rio though so can't help there. Sorry!

    Have a great trip!

    btw, are you flying on that new American non-stop from O'Hare?? So nice. It hadn't started until after I left so had to ocnnect going there but came back on that flight.
  6. In Rio, try Ipanema Plaza Hotel. It's right at Ipanema beach and it's a safer and more quieter area than Copacobana.
  7. I’d also recommend staying in Ipanema. As Deux Armoires said, it is indeed safer and quieter than Copacabana
  8. For Rio, check out the "apart-hotels"...they are full service condo buildings where you can rent apartments. We stayed in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment with full kitchen, washer/dryer and a wrap around terrace for less than a hotel room. The building had a small gym, big pool, buffet breakfast daily and was a block from Ipanema beach, right behind the Ipanema Country Club.

    If you google "rio de janeiro apart-hotel" or "rio de janeiro residence service" you will get a bunch of listings.
  9. Oh, I am so jealous! I went to Argentina last year and LOVED it! You should try to go to Iguazu Falls; it's beautiful!
  10. Def get hotel in Ipanema; it's safer and there are cute little shops nearby too. (beach is better too!) I live in Ipanema so maybe i'm biased lol but seriously you'll like it. Caesar Park Ipanema is good as well as any other rental condos etc. on Avenida Vieira Souto (exclusive street, great for tourists).