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  1. hey everyone,im new to the forum,im after my first balenciaga bag and im loving the argent colour,is that still around?ive noticed pebble on the website is this colour similar?please help.
  2. Hello
    Welcome to the forum !! Argent is a 2008 color, and it's very difficult to find now. I love this color too and I just bought a Galet city with silver hardware, because when I tried it in the store and looked in the mirror it made me think of Argent ! I think Argent is brighter though, but still, Galet is like a grey bag and with silver hardware it's a very beautiful bag, and it goes with all clothes ! it's a wonderful color :biggrin:
  3. Galet in french = Peeble in english, to avoid any confusion ;)
    Here is a pic of my Galet/Peeble (always the same one, sorry for the other members !) :whistle:)