Argent vs black

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    I found a argent RH city!!!!! But I'm wondering if I should go for the black rh city instead, since Im planning to make this my last bbag in a loooong time.

    I usually wear blues, blacks...and greys. I'm boring I know:sad: And I'm Asian, but tanned, if that helps at all? Hah.

    I also have an anthra ggh city already as well as the chanel gst in black and the 2.55 in black.
  2. Argent is absolutely gorgeous ! And it goes well with everything, Go for it !!
  3. Both are great choices but I think you should go for argent since anthra is quite similar to black.
  4. i agree with margaritas. you should get the argent!
  5. ARGENT for sure!
  6. I love Bal Blacks and have quite few :biggrin:, but I also really love Argent - it truly is the perfect neutral and a great alternative to Black. Very tough decision, though - I'm not sure what I would do if I had to choose one or the other :nuts:!
  7. I LOVE argent--it's such a great neutral! What a find--I'd go for it!
  8. Argent!! since you already have anthra and black. Argent is beautiful!
  9. Definitely argent