Argent Quilted Bay... Shock!Horror!

  1. So I've had my Argent Quilted Bay for a few months now and it's had fairly heavy use (I'm in a monochrome phase right now) but imagine my horror to discover today....(Div, look away now) that the metallic finish is starting to rub off leaving a small faded black patch underneath it. It's only in one spot at the moment but I'm very concerned that it'll start happening in other places on the bag.

    Weirdly I've got a pair of gun metal metallic Dr Marten lace-up boots that seem to be suffering from the same problem, but that's kind of ok where boots are concerned because they look kind of cool :tup:in a worn-in way, but on a bag (that cost a small fortune I might add), this is really not cricket:nogood:.

    I've never treated my Bays with any kind of leather conditioner or nourisher because I could never seem to get a sensible answer from anybody at Chloe about what you're suupposed to use to do this and I was too nervous about using the wrong preparation and damaging the bags:push:. Maybe I should have done that though, but nothing like this has happened with the rest of my Bays that have had heavy use.

    I really love:love: the bag and I really don't want to return it, but I'm wondering whether this is a general flaw with metallicised (if that's the right word) leather ?
    Anybody else had this problem ? If the finish starts rubbing off all over the bag it's going to look awful and if its happened in one spot, it's quite likely to happen again I reckon.
    Hmmmmm.....what to do ladies:s ? Do I just chalk it up to experience and hope for the best or should I report the problem back to the store where I bought it:confused1: ?
    All suggestions gratefully received.
  2. Yes tag I'm afraid so. My Argent Betty is getting rub marks, I got her approximately a year ago. Odd it doesn't bother me, the black under the metallic is fine. I'm still carrying the purse with pride? My wear pattern is under the handles with small bits on the corner of the bag as well? Again I think she's still a beaut.

    I did read that you can get the bag re-sprayed? Perhaps Beanie's wonderful restoration facility would be a good alternative?

    Oh, I don't think treating the bag will abate wear pattern?
  3. Tag - I KNEW about this ahead of time and my wine limited brain cell neuro transmissions didn't make the connection in time to stop me from purchasing the argent Bay. I have to take another look at it - I can't remember what mine looks like? Mediums I know but how east/west is this new one? Actually the silver coming off doesn't bother me all that much. I don't think I would like HUGE portions of the bag to turn black but small wear areas add a certain aged patina. Unfortunately all metallic guilded leather accessories have the same problem. Re-spraying sounds like a plan if it really bothers you!

  4. Yes, it's perfectly normal with all metallic leather, including Chloe's, as I believe the metallic finish has to be applied to the surface of the leather; rather than the leather being dyed.

    My '04 Argent Mesh Hobo arrived with several rub marks, including one that showed a few specks of the black undercoat. It doesn't really bother me, personally, as (as I think I've mentioned before, on here) I remember playing dressing-up with one of my grandmother's beautiful, metallic silver, Italian leather belts, from the 1930s, as a child and that had the same issue; except the leather underneath was a buff-coloured nubuck, or suede.

    I think that gave it an air of decayed grandeur - which I love! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I do agree that the black is far more noticeable and therefore, less desirable then the buff, but I think it comes with the territory, unfortunately. :shrugs:

    I think you could report it, but they will probably just say that it is normal; although, they may still offer you an exchange, or a refund. If it really bothers you, perhaps you should exchange it for a non metallic? :smile:
  5. My silver silverado has similar problem. Primarily under the handles. Arbergine wallet shows signs of metallics rubbed off at the corners and edges. I sort of like it, adds an aged, mixed texture look to it.

    IMO, If it really bothers you, you should return the bag.
  6. sweetie so sorry about that :sad: it seems its a fact with all metallics from the girlz posts.. i vote you should take her to chloe and see what they say.. maybe they have some kind of spray? or at least offer you some options so you can think what to do next :smile: i wouldnt mind a spot or two.. but the fear comes from imagining the whole bag might end up black!!? *cries!*
  7. :tup:Thanks for that girls - you learn something new every day I guess (I had no idea that this problem came with the territory, but at least I'm not alone with it). Maybe I'll learn to love the little black battle scars...had a really good look at the bag again this morning and this problem isn't isolated to one place ( like some of your bags, the corners seem to be the biggest troublespots:sad:)....maybe I need to get a Purple Quilted Bay to take the sting out of my disappointment with the Argent one:graucho:...think I'll make contact with Irene today, it's been a while since I've driven her crazy and I'm sure she's probably missing me...:nogood:

  8. Susie, can you tell me more about this restoration facility? Is it Chloe only? I have a Prada, my first really nice bag that is horribly scratched up - I didn't realize smooth leather and I don't get along. I'd love to see if I could get her fixed up.

  9. Tag... I have to say it is sounding like you and Purple Bay will be together VERY soon! :yes::yes::yahoo::yahoo:
  10. Purple Bay sounds like a good remedy.;)
  11. :tup:Yup, I think it's probably the only way forward.:smile:

  12. Beanie has the source in this link and yes they do all purses!:yes:
  13. Hi tagullah,

    Was just wondering if you get a chance would you be able to post a pic of the black patches? I got an argent quilted from sacoche in the sale and I love the dark silver colour. It already has a very tiny black patch on it. My dilemma is that I love the colour and got it half price(bargain!) and am not keen on the hassle of returning it to Irene. But equally I am not sure I'd be keen on the black rub marks! Don't know what to do and was hoping you could help? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hey DR, no probs - one good turn (your HN photography session) deserves another:tup:. Will get DH to photograph the bag later and post asap.I've actually put my Argent Bay away for a while as I was using it alot and not treating it with kid gloves, so I'm giving it a rest to avoid further damage for the meantime.

    I have to say, as much as I love it, I definitely wouldn't have bought this colour if I'd known the metallic finish was prone to rubbing off:nogood: - the bag was just too expensive (I paid full price at The Koh Samui boutique in Covent Gdn) to warrant that sort of fragility:push:.
  15. thanks very much tag!