Argent Quilted Bay Bag $869 from $2175 at Nordies

  1. Peggy Urban has an Argent/metallic grey Quilted Bay bag on hold if anyone is interested! It was on hold for one of my clients who couldn't take the plunge so its up for grabs. Peggy can be reached at (206)628-1253

    The bag is like this one:
  2. Great find mona_danya! [​IMG]
    But I am on a bag ban now...[​IMG]
  3. I love that color!!!! The price is great too.......
  4. Great price, great deal----must exercise control.....
  5. Mona - let me know if it is still available. Then I will have to return the other larger argent quilted Bay I bought from Nordstroms (and have never removed the tags from!) and also the gold metallic Bay I bought and finally have the right one!!! IF this is the regular quilted one? I am calling now.....
  6. Absolutly gorgeus bag and a really good price.
  7. Divnanata, did you get it?
  8. I have no clue if its still available....its best to talk to peggy urban at Nordies seattle and ask her.
  9. I didn't hear back from Peggy today after I left a message. Perhaps she wasn't working or maybe the bag is gone. But I will try again tomorrow. Thanks Mona!
  10. Peggy doesn't work weekends, so call back today if you don't get an answer.
  11. I forgot to report that Peggy DID call me yesterday to say that the argent medium quilted Bay had been sold. I told her some other stuff I was looking for but I hate to do that if I am not seriously able to cough up the dough.