Argent Quilted Bay at 65% off at Nordstrom!!!

  1. I was just at the Nordstrom's department store in Glendale, CA.
    They don't carry Chloe handbag's in that particular store, but they had a return ...
    a gorgeous Argent (metallic silver/charcoal) quilted bay bowler. The original price is roughly $2100 and it's on sale for around $840!

    If anyone is interested, here's the info:

    Nordstrom - Glendale Galleria (818) 502-9922 (ask for handbags)
  2. I seen that bag irl, Very pretty color. Thanks for the post!
  3. What are you all doing to me??? Here am I imbibing early before my NYE party and I see this lovely thing and I WANT IT!!! Big time. How am I supposed to buy it? My DH will kick me to the curb. Should I dial that number? Susie - where ARE you? No - I'll hold back. OR - I could order it and return it if it doesn't work. Am I a nerd or what?
  4. grab it! order it and if you don't like it, at least you can return it & know it wasn't meant to be... otherwise it will haunt you!!!! I know the feeling, it just happened to me! The price is great too!
  5. You are right my dear. I am going to have to sneak off and do this....Is this a medium quilted Bay or another size? Oh hang it - who cares???
  6. Post pic when you get her, Divnanata. Oh, btw, there is a matching wallet too:graucho:, other Nordstroms might still have it. You may want to ask the SA to check it out for you!
  7. Its another size. Its longer than the medium bay and shorter. The color is absolutely amazing, I wouldnt mind having the medium satchel in this color....

  8. Girls - what is the matter with me? Susie wasn't here to edit. I BOUGHT IT. Sigh - relax. chant. it is okay. I can return it. gasp gasp. No wallet acshis - that would absolutely slay me. So how am I going to pay for this thing seeing as I don't currently have a job? Is Nordstroms reading this? ANd my DH walked in right in the middle of the transaction. He didn't seem to notice which is highly unusual. But this kills two birds with one stone. I get a Bay ands I get argent. Two definite wants. Like - I have to get everything I want. Oink OINK
  9. :woohoo::woohoo: You go girl!!!!!! Congrats, can't wait to see those pics:yes:. What a way to bring in the New Year:drinks:!
  11. That bag is lovely! Soo happy for you! A great way to ring in the new year! I love the color :yes:
  12. Oink, CONGRATS, OINK!! That is a beauty!
  13. Hey, what a great way to bring in the new year -- great buy, and as you say you can return it if it's not right.
  14. AUDIBLE GASP!!!!!!!! NATA?????????????

    Okay??????? Now I can't return my boots or purse?????? How can I? What excuse do I have since I have a job (at least for now) and you do not! I was counting on you to convince me to do the right thing? That dog won't hunt now?????????

    Yeeeeoooow we're drowning................:shame:

    Oh BTW this bag is rich; perfect for you. So good luck returning it? No boots for you young lady!!
  15. Ok, here's the thing...1):tup:It was a GREAT price 2):tup:That colour Bay is STUNNING and goes with pretty much any other colour you might wear (I have the Argent in the Medium Size Bay and it's in constant use) 3):tup:It can go STRAIGHT BACK if you get buyer's remorse when it harm done.

    I SO know how you were feeling both when you bought the bag and after you'd done the deed:yes:, but that's why we all gravitated to TPF in the first place. I ran exactly the same gamut of emotions when I bought the Black Medium Patent Quilted Bay in the LVR sale just days after I bought the Green Patent version, but I love them both and have no regrets about that act of insanity whatsoever:nuts::nogood:. Like you, I'm also not working at the moment but what the heck, we're only on this planet for a limited amount of time so we need to be perfectly accessorised NOW because we won't be getting a second chance (although I hear Chloe is de rigeur in heaven:smile:).

    I think seeing 2008 in with a new bag purchase is the way to go:yahoo:, so congratulations and do post a pic when your new baby arrives.