Argent Paddy

  1. Am thinking of getting Argent Paddy (and matching wallet) as my first Chloe purchases. What do you guys think...are those good choices? Anyone out there got any pics to share?

    Thanks in advance.

    :p :yes: :p :yes:
  2. I love the new argent color. definitely a good first choice
  3. I think it's a great color as well as an all year round bag. Good luck with your first purchase.
  4. here are my pictures of the argent. i have the mini paddy:

  5. argent is a nice color, go for it!
  6. Wow, that's pretty big for a mini. I can't wait to get mine. I plan on getting an Anthracite mini Paddy. :yahoo:
  7. I think I might sounds like a broken record with this, but I have a mini paddy in anthracite and I love it. It's the cutest weekend/going out bag. When I got it, I honestly thought I'd not wear it very much, and I find myself wearing it so much more frequently than any of my other chloes! :yes:

    Back on topic, argent is a great choice! I love metallic paddies! :heart:
  8. I love the argent and anthracite paddy!Here are mine...They get alot of compliments:yes:

    Argent and Anthracite.jpg
  9. Nice color!!
  10. Thanks for all the input. Now I have another problem. I just got my argent Paddy from NAP today and the silver hardware looks like it's been through some tough times. I was expecting it to be a nice matte silver. Instead it looks scuffed up (although it's smooth to the touch). How is it supposed to be?
  11. Oooooohhhhhhh pretty! Shiny!!!! :drool:

    I like the metallics too. I just ordered the Paddy's (with the mini locks) in the new metallic bronze and in gold today from NY.
  12. BTW Sam, what are these colors called?
  13. On the left,Argent.Right,Anthracite.Both from Bergdorf early last year.
    Would love to see pictures of your new Argent Paddy.It looks like they changed the color.More taupe and less metallic.Looks very pretty on BG site.Congratulations
  14. I love that Argent color. I think that will be my next Chloe purchase. :love:
  15. You're right, new argent looks definitely more taupe-ish. I want the anthracite too! I'll post pics along with the bronze and gold paddies when I get them.

    :wlae: :yahoo: