Argent Neo or Chanel Metallic Pink Reissue?

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  1. I bought the argent neo last thursday and I am still not "loving" it. While shopping today I fell in love with a chanel metallic pink reissue. I now can't decide whether to keep the LV or the Chanel. I was told by the Chanel SA that the metallic pink bags once they are all sold will not be made again (I'm not sure if that is accurate) and I know that the argent neo is definitely limited.
    All the bags I currently own are LV besides a Chanel black GST with gold hardware.
    Please help me decide which bag to keep!!
  2. definitely the Chanel since u love it so much !
  3. I think you should go with the one that makes you feel like this => :love: :cloud9:
  4. I would go with the Chanel Reissue. I :heart: chanel, so classy you can use it during the day or at night.
  5. Definitely keep the one that makes you happy. :flowers:
  6. Go with the one that makes your heart pitter pat :smile:
  7. Thanks for your opinions! I just don't want to regret returning the Neo. A lot of the limited edition bags grow on me and then they aren't available!!
  8. I'm not a fan of Chanel, but if you are not liking the Argent Neo, then get what you like and are going to use.
  9. I'd keep the Neo personally.
  10. I normally go for LV first, but if you are not feeling it go for the chanel.
  11. I would personally go for the Chanel but that's bc I'm a Chanel girl at heart :heart:
  12. If you aren't feeling the love for the Neo, I would return it and get the Chanel! I LOVE pink, and this bag sounds gorgeous! I LOVE the Neo and am hoping to get mine soon, but it seems like you like the Chanel much more........I'd go for that one!
  13. I would pick Chanel since Chanel holds its value more than LV but it's whatever your heart decides besides my heart is really into Chanel now :smile:
  14. Go for the Chanel ;)
  15. Another vote for the Chanel:smile: