Argent Bay and Boots! Pics!

  1. Family time and we were able to sneak in a couple of pics. It was tough without looking too conspicuous.

  2. Girl, you are FIERCE!!! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

    I love it all! The dog, the bag, the hot lady in the hot jeans!
  3. I love those boots & that bag is to die for!! You are rockin it!
  4. Hey I don't know what I :love: most...the boots, the bag or the dog...and the model is a real stunner too;). I have to say Div, I tried on a version of the that bowler bag and it didn't look anywhere near as good or me :nogood: ( when I come back in the next life I'm going to be at least six inches taller !) . Congratulations - the bag is DEFINITELY a keeper :tup:and the boots ( is that you modelling them Susie ?) are TDF:tup:. What a stylish family you are...must be something in the genes ( come to think of it, those jeans are pretty natty too...did you see what I did there:graucho: :nuts: :s ? )
  5. Yes tag I'm modeling boots(Susie) and here's some more pics (fuzzy). Ruby the Pom says she's a part of the gang too!

  6. wow they are both gorgoues susie....congrats!
  7. HAWT! Nice work!!
  8. Love both the Bay and the Boots and the hot models!!!! LOL you ladies look great (especially Ruby the Pom!)
  9. Last one I promise.:rolleyes:

  10. Well girls - I think I look rather cross eyed in the first picture for some reason?! Ruby is definitely the cutest creature of all. Aren't Susie's boots just so sexy? If only my feet were smaller. Unfortunately you can see what I'm talking about in a pic above as well. I thank you for your compliments but I have to say I am having a dilemma: I have also purchased that gold medium quilted Bay satchel from Nordstroms. It is planned not arrive until after I return from Europe. And then I will have to make a decision. It is making me nervous - all these clandestine bags piling up. After all I might be coming in contact with the purple patent Bay as well. And only one can wear the crown. Seriously - pretty much. I like this bag a lot but I like the shape of a regular Bay better. I think I would like to have an argent medium quilted Bay - the very one that Tag is having problems with. I think Sacoche has one....BUT there is no easy way to return anything to Sacoche....
  11. Yea you got home safe!

    I was mildly surprised that your Argent Bay Bowler was a different color than my Argent Betty Shopper?

    Div put her Bowler on the bed and I threw the Betty by her and yep two different colors. Both beautiful and unique really. I like the Argent in Nat's trial Bay, it's a charcoal silver/black where mine is a gold/silver/black? Weird huh?

    So now I'm dying to see this med Bay in Gold? Do you think it's the LVR model?:confused1:
  12. Ladies, you all look great! :heart:

    P.S. Ruby is cute too.
  13. You guys looked smoking HOTTTT...
  14. Love the model shots girls, you two are hawt~~:heart:
    Divnanata - let me know which of those bays don't work for you, I may have to have one:winkiss:
  15. Lovely pictures:biggrin: Everything looks stunning. It is a betty bag in the last pic right? I have really fallen in love with that bag. Of course I love the bay as well but I got one so then I start lusting after a new bag. I wonder if they will still make more betty bags :wondering