Argent and Roche

  1. Which color is more grey IRL?
  2. Argent is a metallic leather that is definitely a soft shiny silver.

    Roche is a grey rock like color, with just a hint of a greenish undertone. The leather on it is typical Paddy leather with no metallic tones to it.

    Roche is very neutral and goes with pretty much anything. I hope this helps! :smile:
  3. I have medium paddys in both colors...:nuts: The argent is the taupe metallic and it has a very beigey (and even a pinkish undertone) look to it. It's very subtle but definitely metallic. Not much grey as far as I can tell. The roche is more grey in my view. It is a true "stone" color, like the color of gravel....hard to describe in a way, but it's closer to grey than the argent. Hope this helps! :yes:
    PS: By "argent" I am referring to the medium paddy currently on NAP and I think that there may be an argent that is a true silver metallic. I don't have a silver metallic, (only the anthracite metallic) so I can't give an opinion about silver.
  4. Roche is much more grey
  5. Thanks guys. I'm still bummed about the whole Anthracite thing and I'm dying for a Paddy in a grey hue. I'm going to go ahead and purchase the Paddy in Roche. :yahoo:
  6. ^^ Congrats, go for it!! Roche is a lovely color.
  7. Thanks guys! I ordered the Paddy last night in Roche. :yahoo: