Argan oil.. how do I use it with my moisturizer?

  1. I bought some argan oil yesterday and was wondering how to use it with my moisturizer. Ive read to mix a drop of oil with your moisturizer but do you scoop up your moisturizer for your whole face then add a drop and mix up on your fingers or should you just add drops of the oil to your pot of moisturizer.

    How do you use it?

  2. U will love the results of Argan oil. Very easy to use. I use it two ways. I either apply directly to face and body and then put moist on top or I put a drop or two in my palm and mix with me face or body lotion. Hope it helps. Can't go wrong no matter how u apply but I wouldn't drop into lotion and mix in bottle. Write back and tell us how u like it. I have seen amazing results with my dry skin in a about 2 weeks.
  3. I use it like a serum on my face and body and then seal in the goodness with a moisturizer.

    I'm in Arizona, so I need the extra moisturizer.
  4. Sometimes I use it alone, or apply a drop or two first and let it absorb then moisturizer second.
  5. I squeeze out a little of my facial moisturizer on the palm of my hand and then I put 1-2 drops into that.
  6. I don't mix them. I put two drops of the oil in my palm, work my hands together and press it on my damp face, let it absorb and then put my lotion on.
  7. I use a few drops, then pat into my face. No additional moisturizer needed.

    Also use it after I shower. Sometimes I'll mix it with lotion, but usually just alone while body is still damp.
  8. how much do you use when you use it on your body? It seems it would take a lot to use on the body. I never thought to use it on my body but my legs are extremely dry. I put lotion on them non-stop and the dermatologist is no help. I keep hoping shell tell me the miracle lotion or something to make them better.
  9. I use a good amount, probably about 3-4 Tablespoons. Just slater it on and work it into your skin. It's expensive in the US, so I picked up about 10 bottles while I was in Morocco for dirt cheap.
  10. I have always just used Argon oil on my hair. Do you think anyone can use it on their face or should you only use it if your skin is extremely dry?
  11. is this oil only good for dry skin.....?
  12. Argan oil is not like an olive oil or any heavier oil.

    It sinks right into your skin, like a serum.

    It doesn't leave an oily feel or anything like that.

    You're not going to look greasy at all and if you have oily skin it's not going to make your skin oilier.
  13. I use it alone all over my face including eye area....then I run my hands through my coarse dry hair after applying:smile:
  14. it's good for all skin types. It won't produce more oil for those with already oily skin.
  15. Yes the argan oil is suppossed to balance out the natural oils in your skin so I read that argan oil is good for both oily skin and dry skin as well as acne prone skin. My skin has never looked and felt so great and I even see a difference in pictures after using argan oil. My skin looks smooth and has a natural glow.