ARG! Soooo PIssed off at my Coach store

  1. I did a presale for my PCE on Monday;and the SA said I could pick it up today. So, I went there today and another SA said, "Oh, all the presales were shipped out today".:wtf: She tracked it, and told me its scheduled to be delivered today. (I live 15 mins away from the store).

    So I called fedex to check the status; and the customer rep said, since they picked it up today, it won't be delivered until monday, WTF!???!:cursing:

    Sorry....I've had a lot of issues with fedex in the past...mainly cuz they couldn't find my house (its a new community). There was one time, I had to leave directions THREE TIMES and they still couldn't find my house. In the end, I had to DRIVE to their terminal (40 mins away) and physcially pick up my package!

    Do they usually ship out presells for PCEs?

    *sigh*....sorry for my long vent...just had a lot of things go wrong today and I was really looking forward to my comic book keyfob and signature denim tote to cheer me up..:crybaby:

    mods feel free to delete this if its not allowed

  2. Yes, they usually ship.
  3. My Coach store ordered my pre-sale twice and then charged me twice for it too! They can't cancel it either - I have to wait for one of the orders to come in and return it, then wait for the credit to go back to my debit card. Sheesh.
  4. that sucks i am sorry
  5. That happened to me today; I could have sworn I told them that I was going to come in tonight. However before dinner the Fed-Ex guy came with my goodies. I was bummed because I had a big credit to use; now I either have to get something else or go through the hassel of bringing the stuff back, etc. Now I know better!
  6. Yes, normally all my PCE items are shipped to my's wonderful as they come all wrapped with a bow...always feels like it's my birthday :p
  7. I asked for mine to be delivered to the store & I picked it up about an hour ago!
  8. My Coach pre-sale things were available for pick-up yesterday after they were rung up. The only things being shipped were the things the store didnt have & had to order.
  9. I'm sorry! I would be so mad too!
  10. my stuff is being shipped to me, but they gave me the option of that or picking it up in store
  11. I pick up at the store the items they have in stock and they ship the rest to me.
  12. I always pick up my stuff at the my Coach Boutique.
    They know this as I have never had anything delivered.
    I just enjoy going in to my store and talking to my SA's.
    My stuff should be at the store by Wednesday.
  13. That sucks!!!!
  14. Grrrr! That is so frustrating! I'm sorry that there's a bump in the road leading to your new loves.
  15. Thanks for all feedback
    And the worse part is, the SA that helped me when I did the presale went back and got all of the items I wanted and showed them to me; and she said "We'll hold these for you and you can pick them up thursday"..
    arrg... they didn't even tell me they were going to ship it or give me the option to choose..
    *sigh*..and so the waiting begins >_<