Arg my Lv's are trapped in my room with work men...

  1. !!!
    I'm scared for the safety of my Lv's!
    they are sitting in my room sleeping in their dustcovers.
    But i was woken up this morning by the news work men will be coming to sort out the floor in my room before i had chance to save my poor babies they had moved in!! Like 5 of them! and all i can hear are things falling over and them throwing stuff on the floor all i'm worried about are my poor babies!:crybaby:
    They have left all their crap blocking my way to save them!!!
    I heard them laught a minute ago say Louis vuitton i almost screamed!
    Someone keep me sane please!!
    Arg i'm going to pass out!
  2. OMG you NEED to get them! Just say excuse me I need to get something, and just get your babies, because if you dont and they have ruined them the building company will not pay!!! Quick you need to get on a bag saving mission!

    Oh and just got back from the boutique, they still have the numbus if you want it hun, you should ring them up! And i got a credit note, was 99% on getting the Manhattan PM until this lady walked in with a Saleya PM in azur and OMG, lvie at first sight! So I have to wait for delivery which is 10th May. So i dont have to wait that much for it! xx
  3. Yeah, go in & get them!
  4. Omg I would so go save them!
  5. They have just left!
    I couldnt run up there fast enough!
    I checked my bags.
    My cabbas dust cover was all messed up So i double checked that one
    Luckily my riveting was hidden .
    The place where i kept my bags was open abit.
    I really hope they didnt touch them!
    I'm glad i have my babies next to me now
    NEVER AGAIN i have set rules with my family. Save the bags then the rest of the stuff if work people come again.

    Sophie: oo I like the manhatten pm it's abit different i love it! Keep me updated ! I'm guna try and check out the Nimbus tomorow I'm excited:nuts:
    10th may? i could never wait for anything if it's not there i can't stand it and have to just get something else :p Btw you dog looks very cute in that coat :shocked: aha bless :love:
  6. yay that your bags are okay! I ALWAYS hide the bags when the maintenance people come; it's not just that I think they might touch them, it's that they have a tendency to prop the apartment door open and then LEAVE...and I like my bags to be behind locked doors when I'm not home thankyouverymuch.
  7. I'm glad the babies are ok!!! Never leave then unattended when strangers are about! I keep mine tucked away in the closet for safekeeping when not in use. It hogs up a fair amount of my smallish closet but better safe than sorry!
  8. eww don't ever let them out of your site when there are strangers in your bedroom!! One time they were putting new hardwood in my room and I took all my stuff out even my clothes lol.
  9. Ahh thats good news! Thank God! Yeh I know but there was nothing else that I liked so figured I will wait until I get something I LVoe! So yep either Manhattan or Saleya PM, and yeh go and check the nimbus out! xx