Arg...look @ what procrastination did to me..

  1. I finally decide to get a blueberry first. I've called Aloha Rag & they told me that they only have the veiny, distressed bag left & they won't be getting anymore in. Because I live in Canada, I know that Holt Renfrew has a few left with really nice leather. However, it's $1445 Cdn + tax =$1531 Cdn = approx $1369 USD :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: Do you guys think it's still worth it to get it. I want it so bad, but I want nice smooth leather. :crybaby:or should I save my money for a 07 Turquoise? When will the spring 07 is going to be released? Thanks :crybaby:
  2. eek! why not try BalNY?
  3. Yeah.. Holts has a GORGEOUS blueberry first.. but the price is :hysteric: :cursing: :sweatdrop:

    lol.. at that price you could get the blueberry city for cheaper from aloharag!
  4. Yes, the leather is amazing!!! :drool:
  5. why are they so much more money there?
  6. Blueberry is SUCH a beautiful colour!!! You can never have too many BLUES in a b-bag collection...
  7. why don't u go with balny or Saks or something
  8. BagLover26: Holt Renfrew is the ONLY department store in Canada that sells B-bag. That's why the price is so expensive!! :wtf:

    helenNZ: Blueberry is an amazing color! So deep & rich. This is going to be my 1st b-bag; I was planning to get light color like white...but I know if I get blueberry, I can throw the bag around & not worry about it. :yahoo:

    But good news! I just called Aloha Rag & a very nice lady just told me that she found one with really nice leather...but a little bit distress at the bottom of bag (she said I won't be able to tell because it is @ the bottom of the bag) I am so exciting! :yahoo: :yahoo: I don't have to pay approx $400 US more for the b-bag. I can order from BalNY, but I will have to pay like $70 US for shipping as well as tax/duties because BalNY won't lower the price of the item on the custom form. Now, Aloha Rag is free shipping! I am so excited! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. Happy Angel, I am so glad that you found a bag that you will love and the price isn't outrageous! I can't wait to see pictures!!!!
  10. congrats
  11. Yay, congratulations!!! It is a great color, and any veinyness should go away with use!
  12. yay! i'm so glad everything worked out for you! :yahoo:
  13. Very happy for you post pics as soon as it gets in!